Renovating the bathrooms in your home can be one of the most lucrative changes you can make to the house. Bathrooms have a lot of components that can be upgraded and others that can be changed altogether. Whether you are thinking about selling your home or just want to have nicer bathrooms, renovating these parts of the home can really pay off. However, it doesn’t come without things that you should think about. Below are some things to consider when you’re renovating your bathrooms.

Where Will You & the Workers Use the Bathroom?

So often when people renovate their bathrooms, they forget that they must use them from time to time. If you are breaking down walls, taking out sinks, or putting in a new bathtub, the work will take a while. That’s why you should think about renovating one bathroom at a time if you are going to live in the house while the renovations are done. 

You could also leave the home and stay in a hotel while multiple bathrooms are being renovated. Either way, it’s always a good idea to get a porta potty for the workers.

Whether you are looking for a porta potty rental in Memphis, TN or Providence, RI, there are options to rent one for the period of time your bathroom is being renovated.

The Faucets & Shower Heads

One area of the bathroom that can be greatly upgraded are the faucets. The faucets on your sinks could be rusty, old, and cheap. If you install new faucets, you have the opportunity to buy nice ones that will last a long time. When you have high-end faucets around the whole house, the value of your home will inch up. The same goes for shower heads. Cheap shower heads don’t work well and get damaged easily. There are even smart shower heads. When you are renovating your bathroom, it’s necessary to buy nice shower heads too if you are trying to boost the overall value of the home.


The tiles in the bathroom, whether they’re on the walls, the floors, or in the shower, can make a big difference. These tiles are the first things that people really notice in the bathroom. If they are high-end, each tile will be worth a significant amount. Whether you are trying to change the look or get rid of old tiles that are fading and degraded, tiles are actually an integral part of your bathroom. If you don’t have any tiles in the bathroom, you might want to think about upgrading to them. Whatever renovations you are already making, consider tiles.

Bathtub & Shower

Do you have a bathtub in your bathrooms? If not, you might want to install one. Bathtubs up the value of the home depending on how many tubs there are in the house. Even if you don’t like to take baths, installing a nice tub can be a renovation that really makes a difference to the bottom line. Bathtubs are a sign that you’ve put in the work and that the home is worth something. 

On the other hand, the shower and its door are also significant. For example, do you have a shower curtain? Upgrading to a glass door can make a big difference in how the bathroom is perceived. Are the bathtub and shower connected? Choosing to keep them separated is another perk. There are many ways to make the bathtub and shower nicer and more enticing to buyers.

Expand a Bathroom

When you have half a bathroom and space to use, another option is to expand a bathroom. You can turn a toilet and a sink into a full bathroom with a shower. You can even add a bathtub. Expanding a bathroom will have an impact on the price of the home because it will go from having a half bathroom to a full bathroom. It’s a great way to increase your enjoyment and boost the value of the property.

Whatever you decide to do to your bathroom, renovating it can be a great way to increase the value of your home and get more out of the property. Whether you have too many people living in the house and need to make your half bathroom a full, or you just want to make upgrades, bathroom renovations can really pay off.

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