Your pool is the obvious center point in your backyard, as it should be, but you also want to make sure that you aren’t just leaving it bare like that, right?  A huge part of making sure that your pool is a proper hideaway from the world is by making sure that it’s a part of your landscaping.  If you need some tips on how to do that properly, take a look at the advice waiting for you below from professional Orange County landscape contractors

Landscaping is all about embracing the surroundings to give the entire spot a vibe.  From relaxing and boho, to crisp and clean, to natural and rambling, it’s all about the right details.

  • Take a look at creeping plants right around the gravel base: When it comes to that area right along the pool side, go for long, creeping plants.   A lot of times, they’ll help hide the sharp line that separates the pool from the grass/other landscaping, so it helps blend them together!
  • Go pro with your lawn care: If you want to keep it simple with lawn care, you’ll want to step up your lawn mowing game so that your green space is flawless and fine-tuned to the point of looking like a golf course.  Any little imperfection will stand out, and not in a good way!
  • Add in some fragrant flowers: While it’s not a visual thing necessarily, a huge part of landscaping is going to be the use of the senses.  In this case, smell!  Pick a flower that you love the scent of (lavender or roses, for example) and plant them along the poolside.  This will help you sit back and relax a bit more when it comes to enjoying your pool.
  • Embrace the humble paver: Paver stones are incredible options to help blend harsh lines with flowers, shrubs, and more.  Whether you go all in a row, checkerboard-design, or random, use paving stores to create spaces!  It’ll transform the entire feel from random to organized and methodical.
  • Try for stark contrast and/or colour pops: If you like the bold look, go for carefully controlled contrast, blending neutral hues with bright colourful ones in flowers, or do something like neutral paving stones with brightly coloured accessories.  Match our personality for an extra spin of special.

The beauty is in the details

As with a lot of things when it comes to landscaping, a lot of the best things that you can put into place are going to be all about the right details in the right spots. The little changes and shifts here and there really make or break your backyard, so choose wisely and remember to focus on what makes it feel most like your very own space. That’s what it’s all about, after all!. Once you have all your landscaping figured out, you may want to head to Illinois Fence company and add or upgrade your fence to match, and add privacy. The best part is the fence can be a great way to add beautiful wood to the overall boundaries of your yard!

When designing your pool-oriented landscape, you need to think about working from the pool, out, rather than the other way around.  These tips will help you get started and they’ll be just what you need to make it look like something out of a magazine.

Evan Zhang

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