Every person’s personality can be seen through their decorative attributes. Interior design and one’s wall colors can show what kind of a person they are; thus, before you move in, you must pick the best method to cover your walls perfectly.

Before you move in, the responsibility of painting each and everyone one of our walls can prove to be a dilemma.

There are many options when choosing to paint your walls yourself, or you could contact painting services too.

But worry not; we’re here to unload your burden and improve your painting experience.

We’ve listed the top 10 house painting tips before you move in, mentioning every trick from selecting the best Color to applying it!

1- Consult nearby house painting services

While painting one’s own house may seem like fun, sometimes it is very straining, and seeking suitable materials might be very hard.

In such instances, you could consult nearby house painting services in your locality. For example, if you’re living in Washington, DC, try contacting Washington DC House Painters.

Local service providers can provide appropriate services according to your location’s climate and needs.

2- Protection from paint

If you move into a new house, sometimes your furniture might’ve already been shipped. In such cases, this furniture has to be adequately protected and covered.

Our tip would be to look out for covering spaces like:

  1. Door frames
  2. Light switches
  3. Light fixtures
  4. Floors
  5. Ceiling fixtures
  6. Cupboards
  7. Storing spaces
  8. Furniture

Try covering these spaces using painting tape or plastic coverings.

3- Plan the vibe

This is a must-know tip for new people who will move in because the whole painting process will depend on the choice of the atmosphere or vibe new homeowners would want.

Depending on the vibe you wish to pursue, the color pallets for your home will differ.

For example:

  1. Calm Vibe- Dark Blue, Gray, White
  2. Summary Vibes- Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange
  3. Bold Vibes- Maroon, Red, Black

4- Search the meaning of colors

Colors reflect one’s personality and thoughts. The colors we generally use in our lives reflect us as a person.

You must-know that every Color has a distinct meaning. Color refers to different states of mind.

Some color meanings are:

  1. Yellow- Happy, Positive, Bright
  2. Red- Bold, Bright, Passion
  3. Orange- Activeness, Enthusiasm
  4. Green- Calm, Fresh, Natural
  5. Blue- Confident, Bubbly
  6. White- Pure, Elegant, Calm
  7. Pink- Feminine, Bright, Safe
  8. Black- Mature, Power

5- Experiment with different shades

After selecting your complimentary colors, search far and wide for the best shades.

A must-know tip to help you select the best color shades is to experiment with these factors:

  1. Color Hue
  2. Color Saturation
  3. Color Tint
  4. Color Chroma
  5. Color Shade
  6. Color Tone

6- Try texture painting

Texture painting for walls has many options that could help you add that personal touch to your homes.

Tips for texture painting:

  1. Buy a texture painting tool
  2. Buy texture paint
  3. Buy different shades of the paint
  4. Buy paint top coat

You must-know that when working with texture paints, the size and shape will affect the look of your room. If horizontal strokes and conditions exist, your room will look more expansive. If there are vertical strokes and shapes, your room will look taller.

Try searching online for inspiration before you move in as well.

7- Pick out the best tools

The best tools can turn your entire painting experience around. And every tool will have a different effect on your walls.

Try to secure these tools before painting:

  1. Paint rollers
  2. Paint roller extension poles
  3. Large paint brush
  4. Small paint brush
  5. Wipe cloth
  6. Paint tray
  7. Sandpaper

Some may ask whether to opt for rollers or brushes; the answer is rollers.

For people who will move into new houses, you must-know that paint rollers are the most efficient option because their strokes are easy to make. They cover a larger area in a short period.

8- Study the paints’ concentration

The complete outlook of your painting will depend on the concentration of the paint being used on your wall.

Before applying the paint on your wall, always study its concentration.

Sometimes to acquire a particular shade of paint, multiple strokes are needed to fulfill that concentration. But sometimes, some stains have the proper attention for the desired Color, so they only need to be applied on the wall with 1-2 strokes.

The components of the paint must be studied beforehand as well. Certain paints must be decided based on the climate or environment and durability.

9- Preparing the wall

Before applying the paint to your walls, try your best to prepare the walls.

The moving-in situation might be a rushed process in which wasting time cannot be deemed acceptable. In such cases, some house owners need to pay more attention to preparing their walls before applying the paint.

Different walls have different textures, but they must be smoothened before applying paint.

Use sandpaper to rub off uneven surfaces and dirt off your wall before applying paint. This will help the paint apply better and look better.

10- Focus on clean strokes

For painting our walls, the method of painting is essential, ultimately affecting the outlook.

Some tips on paint stroking are:

  1. Do not apply a lot of pressure on the brush or rollers
  2. Wet your brush before dipping it in paint
  3. Get the accurate amount of paint on the brush
  4. Always paint in one direction
  5. Try painting vertically from the edge of the ceiling downwards
  6. Don’t let the paint dry out while painting

And there you have it!

Before you move into your new house, painting your walls will give you an enjoyable overall experience and let you customize the essential aspects of interior design.

Painting your walls is a straining task that must be dealt with patience. There are specific steps that are lengthy but ones that you must-know as well.

But to make your painting experience easier before you move in, we’ve developed a list of the top 10 must-know house painting tips. By following these tips, you will be successful in your painting endeavors!

Jacob Wang

Jacob Wang earned his Master’s in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, focusing his 20-year career on paint formulation and environmental sustainability. Since joining our website in 2021, Jacob has provided insights into eco-friendly paints, surface preparation, and trend forecasting. His background includes roles in paint manufacturing and as a consultant for renovation projects. In his free time, Jacob is an avid gardener and a volunteer in community beautification programs.

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