Planning a home renovation provides you with a chance to make your home an energy-efficient safe haven, while at the same time providing you with an excellent opportunity to hone in on what we believe are the top 5 trending home renovation ideas with a focus on kitchen, bathroom, home office spaces, multi-functional spaces, and statement walls. If you are looking into a home renovation in Burlington, you have come to the right place.

Read on to learn more about the top trending home renovation ideas in Burlington that are leaving renovation contractors with a never-ending demand for their services.

Kitchen Renovations

Many factors make a kitchen renovation worthwhile, such as improved energy efficiency, increased kitchen space, improved kitchen functions, and lower energy costs. Making changes to your kitchen’s fundamental layout, including the design and functionality, can include:

  • The removal or addition of walls.
  • Relocation of plumbing and electrical fixtures.
  • Changes to the size and shape of the kitchen.
  • Even expanding the overall space.

With many options available today, such as stunning kitchen islands or one-of-a-kind backsplashes, the possibilities of renovating your kitchen to suit your needs and hosting capabilities better are endless.

Bathroom Remodels

Adding functionality, solving plumbing issues, improving resale value, and, most importantly, creating a bathroom that is fit for the gods are all important things to consider when engaging in your bathroom remodel. A complete bathroom remodel from floor tile to ceiling lights can add significant value to your home in a very sentimental way. Indulging in new countertops, fixtures, baths, and showers will make your bathroom feel unique and refreshed.

Home Office Spaces

In the work-from-home era, an office space renovation can help break creative boundaries and spark long-lost productivity. There are many design and functionality considerations that should be accounted for to create a comfortable home office space when renovating. Shelving, cabinets, and drawers are great additions to keep your supplies and important documents safe and in place. Adding ergonomic amenities, such as chairs and desks, allows you to create an aesthetic productivity powerhouse.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Multi-functional spaces have become a popular trend in recent years, especially in smaller homes or apartments. These spaces serve multiple purposes, providing functionality and maximising the use of the available space. Design considerations for creating multi-functional spaces include using flexible furniture, such as Murphy beds or foldable tables, and integrating storage solutions to keep the space organised. In Burlington, examples of multi-functional spaces include combined living room and dining areas and home gyms that can double as guest rooms.

Statement Walls

A statement wall can transform the look and feel of a room, adding a pop of colour or texture to an otherwise plain space. Bold paint colours, wallpaper, and textured paneling are just a few examples of statement walls that can be used to create a unique and personalised space. When choosing a statement wall, it’s essential to consider the overall design aesthetic of the room and select a feature that complements it. In Burlington, examples of statement walls include a bright turquoise accent wall in a living room and a black and white striped feature wall in a bedroom.

Top 5 Trending Home Renovations in Burlington

Home renovations in Burlington provide homeowners with the opportunity to improve their living spaces and add value to their properties. Burlington’s top 5 trending home renovation ideas include kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, home office spaces, multi-functional spaces, and statement walls. These ideas offer unique benefits and can be customised to suit individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or a small update, it’s essential to consider these ideas to ensure that your home is functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


At HomeSenator, one of our favorite things to do is to find second-hand and beloved items to decorate your home with. You don’t need to buy brand new decor every time you decide to renovate your home or move to another dwelling. Instead, you can repurpose old items so then they’re still functional in the new atmosphere.

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