Finding the home of your dreams that leaves a great first impression is on everybody’s checklist in today’s time but when it comes to real estate, things can get complicated pretty easily. It is only natural to feel intimidated by the number of choices available and deciding which one would be the best for you. On top of that, comparing the prices, inspecting the house for any issues, evaluating the neighborhood, making a list of advantages and disadvantages, comparing similar properties is a whole other story. All these considerations could easily overwhelm you and make the experience frustrating instead of exciting.

It is always better to understand that it is not one person’s job and it’s best to leave it to experts to find you the best deal out there. Tridel has been helping thousands of individuals and families in the same way.

As the best home builder in greater Toronto for luxury condos, Tridel has established itself as the go-to condo-finder in Toronto. With a collection of exquisite, and luxurious villas, condos, and apartments, Tridel has never let down the expectations of its clients.

Tridel features a team of determined professionals who are committed to using their skills and dedication to work hard for their clients to give them what they desire. With their inclusive condo ranges, they are ready to serve their customers at every stage and have a perfect deal for everybody.

Their mission is to help people locate the best locations while staying within budget and make their vision of the perfect home come true. Their award-winning consultants are not hesitant to go above and beyond to serve the community in the best way possible and offer a transparent and straightforward approach for effective communication.

Service Options Offered by Tridel

Priority Express

Priority Express is the preference of most clients since it’s the most convenient and fastest way of getting the service. Customers using this option are treated as a priority and the employees at Tridel took it upon themselves to complete your requests personally.


Express is the second most preferred one at Tridel and it also the second-fastest one. You can send your requests to the company via mail or other paper-based forms available. You will also be required to give permission to Enter like priority express.


In restricted options, Tridel employees will not be able to enter your home in your absence to complete your requests. Hence you will not have to give them PTE or permission to enter. The response time in this service option will naturally be more and after selecting a convenient time with mutual agreement, the customer care team will reach out to you.

Condos at Tridel

Tridel offers a wide selection of condo collections ranging from $500,000 to $3.5+. The customers are offered to select the ideal budget for themselves and they will be provided with a list of the best deals in their desired area. Tridel provides its condos in various cities including Toronto, Thornhill, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.

From the collection of condos, you can choose your preferred choice among Penthouses, Lofts, Townhouses, or their signature suites.

You can check out the best deals for your condos in Canada here: Condo Finder at Tridel. This list features the best living spaces with their prices, number of beds, baths, type of suite, city, occupancy, and community.


The Dupont

The Dupont offers the elegance of luxury villas with the convenience of urban lifestyles. It is a 9-story condominium that is located at the apex of the most coveted converging neighborhood of the city. By blending the charm of urban designs, and industrial heritage with hotel-inspired sophistication, it offers a constantly evolving landscape with many possibilities.

Edenbridge Kingsway

The modern heritage on the Edenbridge Kingsway offers exclusive private residences starting from$1.7 million. Located in the heart of Toronto, it is the most beloved luxury suite that brings together the comfort of home with an enhanced lavish living experience. With a thoughtfully designed Signature and Penthouse collections of suits along with outdoor wellness amenities, you are offered contemporary convenience with a sense of high-end living experience.

Signature Series by Tridel

Over the years Tridel has built over 85,000 homes for their customers, and with their upcoming Signature Series, they are trying to serve their customers with a true comfort of home with Toronto’s most exclusive boutique condominiums. The 14-story condominium is located at the heart of King West and effectively combines the most lauded interior styles with modern refinement.

Classic Series by Tridel

The Classic Series by Tridel includes Classic Series I and Classic Series II. It is Toronto’s most anticipated condominium lifestyle at The Well. The Classic Series by Tridel, which is under construction currently offer a bold reflection of the diversity and energy of Toronto. The magnificent development includes a mixture of residential and commercial spaces with a mixture of condos, offices, retail, and rentals.

The Bottom Line

In their 85 years of experience, Tridel has helped thousands of homeowners turn their vision into reality by creating their perfect home. With their luxurious collection of condominiums, homeowners in Canada are provided with the perfect living experience by combining their needs with the best practices of real estate and interior designing which includes everything you will require for your first apartment.

Ellie Chen

Ellie Chen is a graduate of New York University with a Master’s in Real Estate who has been an expert in property market trends and real estate investment for over 12 years. Her previous roles include working in real estate brokerage and as a property analyst. She has provided insights into real estate marketing, property management, and investment strategies. Her background includes roles in real estate development firms and as an agent. Beyond work, she is a great hiker and a volunteer in housing affordability programs. She is also a passionate urban cyclist and enjoys participating in community development initiatives.

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