Whether you own a primary residence or are just considering buying real estate, you may have heard about real estate investment. What does it mean to invest in real estate and what is the best way to get started? Let’s take a look.

What Is a Real Estate Investor?

A real estate investor is someone who invests their capital in a property. They buy and sell properties to obtain more capital and invest in more property. This can be done with all kinds of real estate. You can see this in residential, commercial, or even vacant land.

Real estate investors are sometimes working alone or in other cases, they work with partners or with a network of investors. Investing in real estate takes time, knowledge, and experience. Working with a trusted agent and other advisors helps you manage your properties, build your investment portfolio, and learn investment strategies along the way.

Southwest Calgary Home Expert Greg Kennedy suggests, “You do not need any kind of certification to become a real estate investor, you just need the financial capital to work with.

If you want to be successful then you need to be knowledgeable about what the market is currently doing and ensure you are making a good investment based on the property prices and market conditions as well as your target audience. Often those who want to get started in real estate investing, start by working with an investment group.”

You can gain a lot of knowledge by working in the industry and potentially making this your career. You could get your real estate license and be a real estate agent, real estate broker, or mortgage broker. This kind of experience and expertise helps you become a better investor and opens up networking opportunities.

First and foremost, no matter what, you need significant capital so you can recoup your investments and buy multiple properties so you can generate the income you need to make this your fil time career. This means you will be making a sufficient amount of money off rental income.

What Makes a Successful Real Estate Investor?

Real estate investors are responsible for overseeing everything. Even if you are working with a trusted team of people around you, you need to make sure you have done your due diligence and know if your investment will be profitable or not. You want to limit your financial risk as much as possible and be able to handle any potential pitfalls. You want to strategize for everything.

If a property doesn’t meet all of your criteria or isn’t within your means, then it is not a good investment, even if it looks like it could be profitable. Understand where you are at in your investment portfolio journey and be comfortable and confident in that. Work to put aside the capital you need to get started and then manage that capital diligently.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to invest in real estate to purchase your primary home or to start your investment portfolio, speak to a local real estate advisor that is well-versed in investment real estate and growing your portfolio.

Ellie Chen

Ellie Chen is a graduate of New York University with a Master’s in Real Estate who has been an expert in property market trends and real estate investment for over 12 years. Her previous roles include working in real estate brokerage and as a property analyst. She has provided insights into real estate marketing, property management, and investment strategies. Her background includes roles in real estate development firms and as an agent. Beyond work, she is a great hiker and a volunteer in housing affordability programs. She is also a passionate urban cyclist and enjoys participating in community development initiatives.

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