An air conditioner is today’s necessity. Every home has this as a basic amenity nowadays. However, when you purchase anything and invest your hard-earned money in a product, you will indeed check for the thing’s life span.

So, for that, you keep on searching for that article’s reviews and check the rating too if that article is worth purchasing or not.

So, here all your doubts will be sorted as this article will help you understand all about the average life of a Lennox air conditioner and how to increase it if you need to get it done.

This article will help you understand all ins and out regarding the lifespan of the Lennox Air conditioner.

If we check on Energy departments, they have listed an average life span of 15-20 years of HVAC under which Lennox Air conditioner falls.

These numbers have been reported and given by the US Department of Energy. However, you can consider some of the factors by which you can hit this number of 15-20 years else, and it will be on the usage and the keeping conditions that it will be taken care of and for what time it will be working fine.

Maintenance is the Key.

Everything in this world needs maintenance after a certain period. Else it will be of no use at all if they do not get timely care. So, similar is in the case of your Lennox Air conditioner.

If you keep doing the maintenance of your Lennox air conditioner, it will hit the target of 15-20 years. Else, it will be done in a few years, and you may consider it a lousy product as per the lifespan of this product.

Maintanence of lennox air contitioners

The Maintenance Parts That Need to Be Taken Care Of:

  • Service at the proper time (You may need two services in a year, one at the time you start using it and one at the time you decide to cover it during winters)
  • You need to remove the debris inside the unit, and it will lead the ac to get rusted and not working correctly.
  • Checking on the condenser is also very important from time to time, and you need to take care of the copper coils in the unit.
  • You may need to change and replace the refrigerant insulation in your Lennox AC sometimes. So, you need to have a look at it as well on time.

You can check all the above things yourself. Also, you can ask for an expert if you do not have hands-on experience. For example, if you live in Columbus, you can receive fast and reliable AC services from a company like Columbus Worthington Air. It is better to keep everything up to date even if your Lennox ac is old, but it will increase your air conditioner’s lifespan.

So, start working on these things if you want to hit the average life span mentioned by the US’s Energy Department.

Your Lennox AC will rock for sure!

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