The bedroom is a place where every person spends a lot of time. Therefore, considering all the wishes, it is essential to equip this place. Everyone should feel comfortable in the bedroom after a day’s work. You can try built-in bedrooms, cabinets, and other furniture options if you have small rooms. Built-in furniture allows you to use every millimeter of free space rationally. Such cabinets and shelves only take up a little space. They can always be ordered according to personal measurements.

Furnishing the bedroom with new furniture

As wonderfully individual as a mix of different furnishing styles may feel, it can quickly look chaotic in a small bedroom and significantly reduce the desired relaxing effect. Therefore, it’s better to opt for furniture that has a unified design or look to create a calm atmosphere that makes the entire room feel more extensive and orderly.

However, a specific basic furniture set is needed even in a small bedroom. Apart from the bed with a high-quality mattress and matching slatted frame, there is always a need for those pieces of furniture where you can store clothes and other things. But if this room is tiny, alternatives to conventional bedroom furniture are in demand.

If your bedroom is too small for a closet, a closet on wheels, a built-in walk-in closet, or an open shelving system are practical alternatives. A flat piece of furniture for sitting or storing things at the end of the bed works wonders. It visually lengthens the room. However, if standard furniture is unsuitable, it is better to opt for custom-made furniture.

Bed – the key to forming a cozy bedroom

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. To ensure that the design, size, and color match the rest of the bedroom furniture, particularly the mattress that is right for you, we provide important tips to help you choose a bed.

Personal taste is crucial when choosing a bed frame: should it be with or without a headboard? Is it made of wood or metal? Or would you prefer a model with an upholstered frame? The choice is enormous. The limiting factor is the size of the room. For a small bedroom of less than 16 square meters, a good option would be a bed frame with a maximum width of 160 cm and preferably frameless with low legs – such a bed looks delicate floating and does not overload the room.

You also need to decide on the size of the mattress. If your bedroom has a lot of space, you can choose a wide or double bed so that the room seems manageable. Anyone who sleeps two will appreciate this comfort. But with a mattress width of 180 cm, the entire bed can quickly become more than two meters wide. This requires a room of more than 16 square meters if the room also fits a closet.

Where best to place the bed:

  • Ideally, the bed should be positioned so that the door to the room is at the side or the foot of the bed. Window placement also plays a role in the issue of space. A slanted dormer window can show the starry sky at night, but if you sleep with the open window, you should not put the bed next to the window because of drafts.
  • In a large bedroom, you can also put the bed in the room, although this may be inconvenient for some due to the lack of walls.

Furnishing a bedroom also requires enough storage space for clothes, towels, or shoes. Shelves and closets with practical sliding doors create order and keep the room tidy.

An alternative to the classic closet: Install sliding doors between the floor and ceiling and place a simple floor-to-ceiling shelf behind them. The advantage: the storage space behind the sliding door can be used up to the top. Sliding doors with mirrors visually enlarge the bedroom.

Modern wall-shelf looks good not only in the living room. The bedroom has ample space for storing books and accessories. You can combine it with a chest of drawers. The bedroom wall becomes a real space wonder.

Proper bedroom lighting is crucial to your well-being. Lamps should not expose the light source directly, except reading lamps. A decorative lampshade or ceiling and wall alignment provides indirect light and, therefore, a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Combining several lamps gives you many small “islands of light.” This way, you can create particularly cozy lighting conditions in the bedroom.

With a comfortable armchair, your bedroom will become an even cozier place to retreat from everyday life. A beautiful floor lamp, a bookshelf, and a small side table accompany the reading chair. Pillows, blankets, and rugs skillfully complement the bedroom decor.

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