If you want to give a new look to the interiors of the living room, there are a lot of things you can do. Bringing attractive photos on your walls can be an incredible idea. However, hanging a picture can pose some serious challenges to DIY fanatics. The photo frame should be right and hanged straight. Plus, the choice of the correct picture also plays an important role.

You can choose pictures that are not only amusing to you, but they should be appealing for your guests as well. A picture of a family or natural landscape can provide beauty in the living room. In your bedroom, you can go for your likes. For instance, if you are a fan of soccer or any other game, you can hang a picture of your favorite team or player. This renders you extra enthusiasm when you place bets at TonyBet login on sports games sitting in your room.

Let’s find out how to hang a picture perfectly in your house.

Position and Height of the Photo

You need to pay attention to the height and alignment of the picture. No matter how the image is attached and hung later, the spirit level is the most important tool when hanging pictures. Nothing looks messier and more chaotic than pictures that hang crooked on the walls. Thus, you should carefully mark the top edge of the picture frame on the wall area with a pen or pencil. This way, you will have better clarity.

However, it is crucial to understand where the upper edge of the image should be. The middle area of the picture frame should be a little lower than your eye. You might have seen it in museums, where the center of the photo is approximately 145cm above the ground. This is also roughly the height of the centerline if you hang two rows of pictures on top of each other. If there are three rows, it is again the middle of the middle row. In this way, the picture and space appear harmonious.

Attachment To the Picture

It is important to understand that holes should not be drilled for every small picture. Instead, you can use glue. However, it depends on the weight of the frame. You can glue small hangers to the back of the frame from hardware stores. These hangers are provided with a triangle made of wire, which makes it even easier to place the picture. Nevertheless, the hanger must be placed exactly in the middle if only one holder is used.

When you want to tag large pictures, wires can be suitable. This is attached from behind on both sides of the frame. The wire should be attached about a third of the frame height lower than the upper edge. If possible, the length of the wire must be chosen so that it is later a little below the upper edge. Placement on the wall is easier because even with two slightly crooked screws or nails, the picture can still be straightened with the wire.

Which Mounting Should Be Used

Many people get confused about choosing a suitable mounting for the wall. The choice depends on the weight of the frame. Sometimes glue can ruin the wall paint or wallpaper. Plus, the adhesive dots only stick to smooth surfaces; the good old woodchip wallpaper will certainly not wear a painting, no matter how small. A steel nail can be used if the material of the wall is solid. You need to be careful in nailing steel nails as they can easily break off or fly into your face. Wear protective glasses for the eyes.

The safest and most stable variant for carrying even very heavy pictures is screwed. But that only makes sense if the wall is made of stone. With a plasterboard wall, it can be difficult to hang up pictures at all. Here you should determine the position of the substructure in order to hang the picture exactly there.

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