Comfortis is a veterinary medicine for flea infections on your cats and dogs. It contains Spinosad, which is a natural substance made from a soil bacterium. Comfortis is an effective and efficient treatment. Studies and clinical trials proved that Comfortis kills fleas within four hours. It kills 100% infection in dogs and 98% in cats.

It was also noticed that it could also treat flea allergic dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to flea bites. Comfortis is available as beef flavored chewable tablets in five strengths of 90 mg,140 mg,180 mg, 270 mg, and 425 mg for dogs and cats.  The additional strength of 665 mg, 1040 mg, and 1620 mg are available for larger dogs.

Comfortis strength is given as per the cat’s and gods’ respective weight and age. It is prescribed to give a single dose per month. To treat a current flea infection, it should be given for three months consecutively. Studies showed flea reduction of 97% in the first month of treatment and 99.9% after three months of treatment.

Is It Safe?

Yes, Comfortis is demonstrated to be safe and is approved by the FDA. It should be used for prescribed treatment and as per the directions on the label. Comfortis tablets should be given with meals or immediately after dogs and cats. It should be given to cats who are 14 weeks or older and weigh 4.1 pounds or greater; in dogs who are 14 weeks or older and weigh 5 pounds or greater.

At the end of the clinical trial, it was concluded that the benefits of Comfortis supersede the risk of it. Hence, it was approved and provided with market authorization. Results showed that Comfortis is as effective as comparator medicine. Also, the preventive effect against flea infestation lasts up to four weeks

Pet owners should exercise caution while using Comfortis. It should not be given to super sensitive dogs and cats, and to pets who are allergic to Spinosad. Comfortis tablets should be given with meals or immediately after meals for the best results. The common side effects of Comfortis are vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and laziness.

However, these symptoms are only mild and last for a while only. But if any concern arises, the pet owner should contact their vet. Now that you know all about Comfortis, the big question is:

Where Can You Buy the Cheapest Comfortis?

Buying Comfortis is no big deal. You can get a prescription from your vet and buy it from a pet store but getting the cheapest and effective one is the deal. The traditional ways are always available to you. Like, you can always book an appointment with your vet and get Comfortis for a maximum of three months. After that, you will have to go through the same process and wait patiently for refills.

This process mostly turns out to be expensive and time-consuming. Both are essential factors for us. On average, you can get Comfortis for $90 from your vet. You can order it online from sites like Walmart. Pets of Oz is a great brand to start from. They also offer Comfortis at a reasonable price of 48 to 50 dollars. It saves you around 20 dollars. They also work the same and kill fleas on your pets.

Countries like Canada and Australia offer this just at a price of around 40 dollars and 2-3 dollars for shipping charges. You save approximately 20-30 dollars, plus you do not need a prescription for that! Other ways are to compare the price on different websites and then decide. The best offers are available for the Comfortis of Pets of Oz. Rebates are also available on few sites for Comfortis. You must know where to look for it.

Steps to Curb A Flea Infestation

Comfortis does exterminate fleas on your pet. However, the remains that have taken a host in your house and backyard are also crucial to deal with. You will have to be on the lookout for a few months, even after your dog is treated.

Here are a few precautions to take:

First Thing First

Call a local flea exterminator. The chemical professional knows what they are doing. Certain precautions need to be taken, but after that, your home will be treated. The prepacked aerosol products that contain an insecticide and a growth regulator are commonly used by licensed professionals, which prevents fleas from maturing and mating. Hence, it should be the initial response to fleas.

Use a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

every day on floors and mattresses.  Especially in the area where your dog sleeps and plays. Vacuum every crack and tight spaces as they are quite good at sticking to a spot. Use a disposer for vacuum and discard the waste somewhere safe from the area.

Use a Steamer

for all the carpets and curtains. Use it consistently for your dog’s bedding and yours too. Pay attention to your favorite place and clean that too.

Wash all the Bedding

of the house with hot water. Dry it on the highest temperature. Get rid of the items which you think are highly infected. Make anti-insecticide spray for your home.

Wash your Pet

daily with flea shampoo. Please consult your vet for your pet’s hygiene and get a shampoo recommended for it. Purchase a flea comb for them and use it regularly.

Comfortis kills fleas for sure, but you are also a fan of home remedies. If yes, try these:

Homemade Spray

You can try making a homemade spray of essential oils to get rid of fleas. They make for an excellent flea repellant. Tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary all have natural repellent features in them.  Spray it on your pets’ fur. But make sure they are not allergic to it. To be sure to consult your vet.

Use Vinegar or Apple Cider Drink

You can also try giving a drink of vinegar with water to your dog or cat. It helps them fight infection from inside and proves to be efficient for curbing infestation. Just try out first to see if they like the taste of it. Just one teaspoon in four cups of drinking water makes a perfect for them to drink.

Lemon Spray

Boil a few lemons and leave it overnight to cool down. Pour it in a spray bottle and use this regularly for your home environment. Do not spray it on your pet, though. It is an excellent way to treat your home of the flea.

Flea Season

It will help if you remain on a lookout for flea seasons. Fleas usually flourish in warm seasons. They do not go with extreme cold or extreme heat. So, April to October is the month for you to take preventive steps. Try cleaning out your backyards and mow your lawn regularly. Clean all debris and contact your local garden center for flea medicines.  

Is Flea Infestation Harmful to Pets?

Dog with Flea
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Flea infestation could be troublesome and excruciatingly painful for your pets. They feed on the blood of your pets. It causes mild to severe itching and discomfort. In extreme cases, flea bites result in anemia in cats and dogs. Besides, the saliva of fleas causes allergic dermatitis. The continuous itching causes them to lose hairs, creates hot spots due to irritation and skin infection- which results in smelly skin.

We recommend Pets of Oz Comfortis to curb flea infestation. It is cheap, has FDA’s approval, and does not have any significant side effects. The most common area targeted by fleas is the neck, tail, and head. It causes external as well as internal issues and complications in your pets. Flea carries an insane number of diseases with them. The most common is tapeworms. It sticks in the intestine of your pets and causes severe illness and indigestion.

Fleas are deadly for humans too. It is a carrier of potential illness of importance to humans. Such as plague, typhus, and cat scratching disease. The potential areas it infects are around elbows, ankles, and knees. The area turns red and blotchy, and when pressed, it turns white. Fleas are pure menace. They put your dogs as well as you in grave danger. Therefore, it must be treated as soon as diagnosed.


In this article, we tried to provide you with important information about Comfortis, what it is, and how to get the cheapest one. It is not easy being a pet owner. And when they get sick with menace like fleas, it is a total pain for them as well as you.

Pets of Oz Comfortis is a fast, effective, and inexpensive way to treat this. It is available worldwide and can be ordered online without a prescription. Our motive was to ease your worries and help you get the most inexpensive and effective Comfortis through your pets’ sickness.

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