If you have a guest bedroom that people actually use, it’s worth considering adding a queen bunk bed instead of a standard bed.

Here’s why.

1. Queen Bunk Beds Come in A Variety of Sizes

Queen Bunk Beds Come in A Variety of SizesAlthough they’re referred to as a “queen bunk bed,” both mattresses aren’t always the same size.

For instance, you can get a bunk bed with a queen mattress on the bottom and a twin, full, or even queen on top. They also come in varying arrangements, like stacked under each other or perpendicular. Having choices makes it possible to get a bed that fits your needs. For example, maybe you only have one guest over at any given time. You might prefer a bunk bed with only a queen mattress on top and an empty space below where you can put a desk with a computer.

Some bunks come with ladders and take up limited space, while others are larger, chunkier, and the top bunk is accessed by an actual staircase. These beds usually come with built-in storage and that’s a useful addition.

2. Multiple Guests May Not Want to Share One Bed

Even if you have a queen or king bed in your guest room, when you have multiple guests over who don’t want to share a bed, it’s going to be an issue. You could end up with people on your couch, and they might even argue over who gets the bed. It’s just not going to be a fun situation.

Getting a queen bunk bed will give both people their own mattress, and nobody can complain. Never assume that people will want to share a bed, even if they’re a couple. You really never know.

3. Queen Bunks Are Great for Adults

Queen Bunks Are Great for AdultsBunk beds aren’t just for kids – they’re also ideal for adults. In fact, many hotels have started adding bunk beds to their rooms to make sharing a room easier. With a bunk, nobody has to sleep on the floor, a thin mat, or a cot. It also saves space, and doubling the number of beds makes more rooms available to parties with multiple guests.

Queen bunks vary in style and some are exceptionally sturdy. Not all bunk beds look like they’re made for children, and many are built specifically for adults and can hold hundreds of pounds.

4. You’ll Keep People out Of Your Living Room

No matter how much you love your friends, you probably don’t want to trip over them in the middle of your living room while you try to catch the morning news.

When you’re an early riser, chances are, your guests aren’t going to get up early enough to clear the way. Having a queen bunk bed in your guest room will ensure that you get to keep your usual routine, and they can get up whenever they want.

5. Queen Bunk Beds Are Comfortable

Queen Bunk Beds Are ComfortableWhether your guests have kids or they’re all adults, a queen bunk bed is perfect. Some people will really enjoy sleeping in a bed larger than what they have at home, and others will just feel comfortable.

Twin mattresses are good in a pinch, but you really need at least a full size to be comfortable. With a queen bunk, your guests with small children can keep them close by without anyone having to sacrifice their comfort. If they don’t need to use the second bunk, they can use it to store luggage and anything else they’ve brought along.

6. Bunk Beds Save Space

When you’re limited on space, a bunk bed is a great solution. Instead of trying to arrange multiple, separate beds in your guest room, add a bunk bed to use the vertical space. If you have room for two regular beds, you probably have room for two bunk beds, which will give you four total mattresses instead of two.

Bunk beds are the ultimate space-saving furniture, and when you get a bed with storage built into the frame, it’s easier to keep the room clean. Your guests can store their clothing and other belongings in the drawers, including kids’ toys, if they have a child.

Bunk Beds Are Fun and Practical

In addition to being a better use of space and maximizing the number of guests you can accommodate in one room, bunk beds are fun. For people who aren’t afraid of heights, sleeping in a bunk bed can be a fun experience, no matter their age.

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