Your gorgeous new luxury apartment affords you amazing views and a helpful doorman, but you need a bedroom cooler, a warmer for the living room. Unfortunately the building’s ancient HVAC doesn’t help. There’s no need to mar the window view with a window air conditioner, or clutter the floor with unsightly space heaters. Instead, use ductless mini-splits to service each room!

Here’s why mini splits are a great cooling and heating option for your small apartment.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split?

A mini split is an air conditioner unit similar to window ACs. It also offers a heating option.

The mini-split consists of two components – the indoor air handling device, and the outdoor compressor-condenser unit. This is similar to a standard air-source heat pump. The indoor and outdoor units are linked via a conduit, a single pipe that houses the suction tubing, power cable, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain.

The outdoor condenser funnels in outdoor air through small piping that costs little to install, especially compared to installing ductwork. The wall-mounted mini-split delivers to a specific room or zone only the cold or warm air needed for the room to reach its thermostat’s temperature setting. Because mini-splits work with a heat pump compressor-condenser, during winter months, the same system converts cold air into warm air, letting you heat each room to the temperature of your choice.

Mini-splits offer many advantages, such as needing no ducts, so they cost less to install because they use fewer materials and require less labor to install. Unlike another money-saving cooling option, window unit air conditioners, mini-splits don’t affect your view. Most importantly, mini-splits can stop arguments about temperature settings, since each person gets to choose the temperature of their room.

Mini-Splits Keep Rooms Uncluttered

Mini-splits offer the ideal solution for small spaces like an apartment or condo you’ve purchased. Once you’ve dealt with storage needs, you want your home to remain organized and clutter-free. Mini-splits accomplish this since an HVAC professional installs them on the upper area of a wall. This keeps them out of the way.

Mini-Splits Work with Any Color Scheme

Their sleek design ensures they blend with the décor and the devices come in a range of colors. You can match the mini-split to your décor.

Ductless mini-splits take up little room and require no ductwork, so you can place them in small spaces, which comes in handy in a luxury apartment with a wall of windows and built-in bookcases taking up two walls.

You can Add it to an Existing HVAC System

Many buildings have an existing cooling and heating system, but it may not do the job due to age or lack of maintenance. Perhaps it just can’t provide the level of cool air or heat that you want. Add a ductless mini-split system to any existing system.

No Need to Tear Down Drywall to Install

Using a ductless, mini-split-system heat pump system offers you an efficient way to cool and heat indoor areas with no ducts. Using mini-splits in an existing structure lets you update the combined HVAC system without needing to tear out drywall to install ductwork. Mini-splits come in ENERGY STAR-compliant designs, so you can keep your energy bills low.

Older apartment buildings may not have central heat and air, or their HVAC may not heat and cool well. A ductless mini-split lets you cool or heat a small space to your liking.

Cool or Heat Up to Four Rooms or Zones with One Outdoor Unit

Since many of the mini-split systems use a design that pairs four indoor mini-splits to one outdoor compressor-condenser unit, you can easily address an apartment or condo with a single system. Of course, how many mini-split devices it requires to cool one or zone depends on the quality and prevalence of the building’s insulation and air seals.

Save Money by Only Cooling or Heating Used Rooms

Every room or zone gets its own thermostat. That means you can heat or cool only an occupied room. You can shut the door to an unused room and shut off its mini-split. That results in lower energy bills.

Heating Outdoor Areas and Garages

Mini-splits work great for indoor areas, but you may want to heat a sunroom, carport, or patio, too. Stay warm when using these exposed areas by using a vented gas-fired unit heater. Enjoy the glow of real flame and the affordability of natural gas.

Turn to your local HVAC professional for how to handle cooling and heating a small space which differs from a typical home. Using mini-splits and vented gas heaters, you can cool and heat specific rooms in your home to create comfort while saving money.

Aiden Anderson

Aiden Anderson earned his Master’s in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Davis, focusing his 20-year career on HVAC innovation and indoor air quality. Since joining our platform as a freelancer in 2020, Aiden provides insights into climate control solutions, eco-friendly technologies, and system optimization. His background includes roles in environmental impact assessment and HVAC system design. His prior roles include engineering positions inmanufacturing and energy consulting. In his leisure time, Aiden enjoys woodworking and volunteering in community energy awareness programs.

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