Pros and cons of Bangkok for a foreign national

Asia is diverse and vast. You will notice the difference not only between regions, but even between neighboring countries. Life in Thailand is different from a long stay in Vietnam, and especially in Cambodia or Myanmar. This article is about the peculiarities of life in Bangkok.

Thailand is a colorful and attractive place. The most popular and sought–after city for foreigners to live in is Bangkok. The source Thailand-Real.Estate explained why moving to this city and buying real estate in it was a great idea.

Who is suitable for Bangkok?

Bangkok is ideal for those who are satisfied with the lively urban rhythm and want to be in the center of events. The capital with a population of 7 million people never sleeps. People who dream of a leisurely, measured life by the sea, it is better to choose the islands of Thailand.

Endless summer, unlimited exotic fruits, kind smiling people and rich culture. These important points may interest many people who want to move to Bangkok, the capital of mysterious Thailand.

Cost of living

Bangkok is the colorful capital of Thailand, which combines all aspects of a modern metropolis, including a developed infrastructure, a high standard of living, a variety of opportunities for pastime and diverse housing. The average cost of living in 2022 is $1,231 per month. The average cost of renting a home is $673 per month.

Being a hot and humid metropolis, the city has its expat community. Living here means having shopping malls, public transport stops and other attributes necessary for everyday life within walking distance.

Sukhumvit is the most comfortable area of the city for living – it is a lively central area where you can settle alone or with your family.

Housing in Bangkok

Bangkok has everything: modern townhouses, houses on stilts over canals and impressive skyscrapers. Expats say that you can rent a small apartment with amenities, air conditioning and a balcony for an average of $300. For those who have no budget restrictions, there are plenty of housing options. A duplex apartment in an elite area, in a modern residential complex with a swimming pool and gardener services will cost around $2,000. A studio there will cost from $700.

Utilities cost about $300 a month, electricity is the most expensive (and air conditioning for many works almost around the clock).

Advantages of Bangkok

The advantages are:

  • Cheap living – rent, food, transport;
  • A wide range of real estate for rent and purchase;
  • Quality housing;
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage – in this city, you will always have something to do and will find a place to pass the time;
  • Highly paid work for specialists abroad – the city is suitable for ambitious people who like to work and earn money. All opportunities and prospects are open to them here, especially if they have an education in IT, marketing, and advertising;
  • Developed transport and urban infrastructure;
  • High level of education – preschool, school, and higher education;
  • The city is well-protected from natural disasters through an extensive network of irrigation channels.

Disadvantages of Bangkok

In addition to the advantages, Bangkok has its drawbacks. Anyone planning to move here should pay attention to them. These include:

  • Heat – this city can be called a stone jungle, so during the heat season (March-May), when asphalt and building surfaces heat up, it is very hot here;
  • It is difficult for a foreigner to find a decent job;
  • Unstable Internet. This item will be especially important for those who work remotely. Although every year its level increases;
  • Lack of beaches – mainly due to the peculiarities of the terrain. Although the city is close to the sea, the shores here are muddy and marshy, so it is difficult to build an artificial beach. The nearest beach is 100 km away, in Bang Seng;
  • Crowded and noisy;
  • Few parks;
  • Traffic jams on the roads.

However, if you are thinking about moving, these disadvantages will not seem significant to you.

Assistance in purchasing property in Bangkok

The housing market is replete with profitable options that may interest investors, real estate hunters and those who prefer this city to move. Now is the right time for you to get the benefits of buying a local property. Check out the ads at Thailand-Real.Estate to pick up the best properties in Bangkok. In the catalog, you will find excellent villas, penthouses and apartments in the most sought-after areas.

Buy property in Thailand can be a promising investment. Depending on the housing location and its features, it can bring 7-9% of annual passive income. For more information about buying Thai housing, real estate offers and prices, please visit Thailand-Real.Estate.

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