It’s not uncommon for people to go several years without cleaning the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in their homes. You might be guilty of forgetting about your HVAC system, even if you’re an avid cleaner.

The cleanliness of your air ducts makes a significant difference in the air quality of your home. It also impacts the amount of energy that you consume to heat or cool your property.

Why is it Important to Keep Your HVAC System Clean?

There are many reasons why it’s important to keep your HVAC system clean, but it’s not always easy to reach the depth of the ventilation system in your home. Calling the experts at Attic Pros enables you to enjoy a professionally-cleaned HVAC system in your home for maximum safety and efficiency.

Not yet convinced to keep your home’s air ducts clean? Here are four reasons why doing so is important.

1. Lower energy costs

Heating and cooling your home via your HVAC system costs money. You’re probably well aware of this, thanks to the ever-increasing cost of living.

Getting your air ducts and vents professionally cleaned is essential for reducing your energy usage at home. A clean HVAC system is more efficient at keeping your home at the correct temperature, so you’ll use less energy to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A poorly-maintained HVAC system won’t last as long as one that is frequently cleaned. Whether you’ve got a Rheem or Trane HVAC system, replacements could cost thousands of dollars, further increasing your expenses.

You’re more likely to turn your heating or air con up to a higher setting if the HVAC system is inefficient due to dirt and dust. This increases wear and tear on the architecture of the system and limits functionality.

2. Better indoor air quality

The air that circulates around your home is fed through the HVAC system, so, if your air ducts are full of dust, dirt, and germs, so is your home!

Poor air quality can negatively impact your lung health and is dangerous for those with respiratory conditions. Short-term exposure to poor air quality can cause sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Long-term exposure may lead to cardiovascular events, poor respiratory health, and even mortality.

3. Reduced allergens

Getting your HVAC system professionally cleaned helps to eliminate indoor allergens from your home. This will promote a healthier environment for everybody in your household, particularly for those with asthma and other respiratory problems that can be exacerbated by allergens.

4. Elimination of odors

Odors can quickly spread around your home when your HVAC system is unclean. Sadly, no amount of air freshener or cleaning spray can truly eliminate the nasty odors of dirty vents and ducts.

If there is mold, fungi, and mildew in the HVAC system, you’ll notice a nasty smell starting to circulate around your home as soon as they begin to grow. Not only does this make it harder to enjoy your time at home, but it also puts your safety at risk.

Aiden Anderson

Aiden Anderson earned his Master’s in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Davis, focusing his 20-year career on HVAC innovation and indoor air quality. Since joining our platform as a freelancer in 2020, Aiden provides insights into climate control solutions, eco-friendly technologies, and system optimization. His background includes roles in environmental impact assessment and HVAC system design. His prior roles include engineering positions inmanufacturing and energy consulting. In his leisure time, Aiden enjoys woodworking and volunteering in community energy awareness programs.

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