When looking for a new air conditioner, we first ask our friends and family for their opinions, search online for it or run to different stores checking different brands and prices. In your search run, you will come across different companies, making it even harder to decide.

Among many brands, Lennox is one name you might have come across. It’s been there in the market for years now. Lennox is known for manufacturing the most efficient air conditioners at all quality levels, including primary, better, and best. All their air conditioners are certified Energy Star for efficiency.

Lennox air conditioners are known to be very expensive. The probable reason behind this is that Lennox is the best air conditioning brand, holding a solid reputation in the market.

Let us learn more about it and explore the reasons behind the hefty prices of Lennox A/Cs.

Energy Efficiency

Lennox works on creating high-energy efficient systems using the latest technology. Lennox economy brand is Ducane. They invest heavily in manufacturing efficient equipment-AC, furnace, and solar panels to power appliances.

High-efficiency systems save a lot on energy costs and help keep your home comfortable. If you are interested in such products, look for start-rated AC products.

Exclusive Lennox Features

Few things make this brand exclusive and different from the rest.

Variable Fan- The variable fan in the AC condensing unit speeds up and down automatically to match the output of its variable capacity. The best part is its quieter operation at low capacities.

Humidity Control helps make the home comfortable even at higher temperatures by removing excess humidity in warm weather.

Smart thermostat- You can monitor and control your HAVC system using an Android or iOS device or app.

Communicating Technology- This technology allows system components to share information.

Smart Home Compatibility- The thermostats also can integrate with the home automation system and devices and allow you to control all innovative home equipment with a single app.

Aluminum Coils- Lennox Quantum coils are available on Signature, Elite, and Merit Series.

Variable Capacity Performance

Variable Capacity Performance

Lennox, just like other brands, makes single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity models. Both the XC25 and XC20 models are variable capacity. The compressors of these models are made by LG and use inverter technology. They have an excellent track record.

The following diagram shows how their performance maximizes efficiency and optimizes home comfort:


Many HVAC contractors have given negative feedbacks about Lennox repairs. The main reason behind it being the fact that it primarily requires Lennox parts for repairs. Secondly, Lennox’s supply chain is prolonged, which has been a significant issue with their service. So, if you are choosing Lennox appliance, ask them the parts are easy to get.


Lennox offers a warranty on all their AC products. This will give you peace of mind knowing that it will be covered if something goes wrong with the system installed.

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