You probably open and close a dozen doors multiple times every day, without a second thought. However, if you’re running a hotel, hospital or even a school, it’s time you gave those doors some thought.

They are so much more than just a way into, or out of, a room. The look of a door can transform the space on both sides of the door. The right door can even encourage guests to visit again, that is vital if you’re running a business.

Choosing the right door doesn’t need to be difficult. You simply need to decide on what material you want the door to be made of, how effective it needs to be for insulation and how important security is.

The right door can make a difference in a myriad of ways.

Space Saving

When you first think about doors, you may not have considered a frameless wood door or a frameless interior wood door.

However, frameless doors don’t just look stylish, they are also excellent at saving space. The beauty of a frameless wood door is that they don’t protrude, meaning there is less risk of tripping and more space for furniture to go flush against the wall. Furniture can even go right next to the door frame, effectively increasing the feeling of space in any room.

One of the best solutions for hotels and hospitals is a frameless interior door, check Cocif solutions to find some of the best options currently available.


Most hotels, hospitals and even schools have a mundane color scheme. All the walls are painted the same, it’s essential for uniformity and cost. However, this can mean the establishment ends up looking a little bland.

It’s possible to add moldings and other effects to help improve the look of the interior space. However, the right door can make a huge difference. It adds warmth and a touch of style and breaks up the monotony of the walls.

All you have to do is choose the style of door which best matches your desired theme.

Security & Safety

Whether you’re running a hotel or a hospital, you’ll want your visitors to feel safe and secure. The right door will feel solid in their hands. Ideally it will be made from real wood. That means, alongside feeling solid, it will be natural, sustainable and difficult for people to break through.

Offering visitors that level of security and safety means they’ll feel comfortable and will want to return.

Noise Reduction

Staying in a hotel, hospital or even at school means you’re in a public space. It can be hard to find privacy. However, the right door will offer sound insulation, helping people inside the room talk in confidence.

Real wood is an effective noise reducer, making it an effective choice, whether you’re looking for a framed or frameless wooden door.

Summing Up

If you run a hotel, hospital or even a school, then you need to consider replacing all the doors inside. It could be the best business decision you ever make.

Evan Zhang

Evan Zhang earned his Master’s in Construction Management from the University of Michigan and has 9 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. Evan joined our website as a freelancer in 2019, providing insights into construction methodologies, building codes, and safety standards. His background includes working as a site manager and a construction consultant. Evan also worked on various urban development and infrastructure projects. Evan is a DIY enthusiast and a mentor for young professionals entering the construction field.

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