It can be overwhelming for homeowners to move into their new house and start decorating it from scratch. Since you must carefully plan the interior of each room, the entire furnishing process can be daunting. You have personalized your bedroom as per your requirements, but how will you decorate the living area? This corner of your house should be dealt with extra consideration because it is where you gather with friends and family, have a cup of tea with your spouse, and host special guests. You have finalized everything from rugs to cushion covers, but windows are often left barren despite having a significant influence on the ambiance of the entire living room.

You can choose from different curtain styles to give your drab living room decor some vitality. Pick light-weight, light-colored sheer curtains for your sitting area to create a breezy atmosphere, and relish the sight of light passing through them. If you wish to enjoy peace, comfort, and solitude, choose thick, heavy-weight drapes to block off any prying eyes. Install puddle curtains to camouflage furniture’s harshness, or use floor-length drapes to give your favorite area a carefree look. To further personalize your curtains, you can select from a range of curtain pleat design options like pencil, goblet, pinch pleat, etc.

Once you have a basic idea of the decor for your living room, look at these contemporary curtain styling ideas and actualize your dream of designing the perfect living room.

Traditional Black And White

Living rooms are usually spacious to accommodate guests and have mesmerizing furnishings, so hanging curtains with white and black hues will give the room a luxurious, dramatic, and modern appearance.

Make Use of Zesty Colors

Brave enough to experiment with rich hues? If the answer is yes, this living room modern curtain style is definitely for you. Create magic with multicolored patterned curtains paired with sofas in radiant color and give your living room an artistic and vibrant feel.

Add a Crisp Feel with Some White

Hanging lightweight white sheer curtains softens the light entering your room through the window curtain Singapore. These are excellent transition pieces when suspended between indoor and outdoor spaces. They give a very modish look to your space when a gentle breeze blows through them.

Light up the Living area With Patterned drapes

Dark-colored wallpaper gives your room an alluring look while imparting a dimming effect on the entire room. But by hanging light-colored contemporary curtains with beautiful patterns, you may reduce the room’s enveloping darkness and give the space a cozy aspect without being tacky.

Green Color Adds A Refreshing Vibe

Beautiful green curtains paired with the light color interior will instantly uplift the mood of the entire space. But working with green in terms of decor, you must choose a decent green shade like turquoise, lime, emerald, hunter, etc., to give your sitting room an airy and calm appearance.

Use Curtain Accessories

Embellishing curtains with gorgeous tiebacks enhance the room’s ambiance. Apart from bestowing beauty on your sitting area, tiebacks provide you with the control of managing light and privacy according to your preferences. It helps to keep curtains clean and protect them from damage. You can choose from several tieback designs and styles to provide a smooth and organized touch to these lovely curtains.

Stunning Floral Motifs

Your living area will look more vibrant and modern with a bold floral curtains design that complements your light-colored plain furniture. These curtains bestow beauty, elegance, and softness in your living room. Choose between traditional floral curtains in neutral hues or geometric floral patterns, depending on your preferences.

Go With Startling Color Contrast

If you prefer painted walls, you can achieve your goal of creating the ideal living room by hanging drapes that best contrast with the shade of your walls.

Add a Tint of Blue

Blue color soothes the eyes and imparts elegance and beauty to every surrounding element. Pair a gold-colored decor with velvety blue drapes to give your guests a more dramatic appearance and an opulent atmosphere.

Whether you are going to organize art exhibition or your personal room, keep these suggestions in mind to give your living a major revamp that will astound your guests and provide you with a more tranquil yet stylish atmosphere.

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