Do you want a house in a serene environment but find it difficult to get one that fits your budget? Reading this is your first step in seeking the answers you find. With a rich cultural heritage, upscale beaches, and theme parks, Florida has insanely cheap but conducive places that surely fit your budget. You don’t have to break the bank! Here are some of the places you should look out for.


Orlando, popularly known as the Theme Park capital of the world, is a haven of beautiful attractions. It is an affordable place to live, with a great variety of Ofirio houses costing $233,000. Utilities, groceries, and healthcare are also cheap. Perhaps, the best of it all is the availability of jobs that abound there.


You can call Quincy the hot cake, as it is a favorite of many people. It is an attractive area and a financial destination if you want to spend less. Median homes go for $145,000. There is a higher percentage of owned homes than rented ones. The monthly living cost per person ranges from $2200-$2500.

Dade City

Located near Tampa, Dade City is a perfect choice if you work in the city. The median cost is $176,000, which is lower than Florida and the national average. Job opportunities in the city are on the rise due to the availability of many employers. There are lots of entertainment avenues which you are bound to enjoy.


Edgewater is a metro area situated along the Indian River and adjacent to the famous mosquito lagoon. You can access more affordable houses in the planned communities in April, November, and August. It is quite the opposite during March and August.

The cost of living in Edgewater is low compared to other parts of the country. The economy isn’t static, giving more room for employment opportunities. With a good road network that airs fast transportation, you might want to walk along the intercoastal waterway and go swimming. Various urban delights await you, including hawks park recreation complex, aqua park, and many more.

Cape Coral

This is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida. Located in Florida’s southwestern part, it is also called “Waterfront Wonderland.” You can hardly get bored of Cape Coral as its sunny weather allows for many recreations such as fishing, swimming, hiking, and many more. You can also check out Disney World, water packs, and restaurants. Cape Coral is affordable as you won’t pay for income, estate, and inheritance tax. You will also be paying less for utility and housing expenses when compared to other places. With a population of 175,000 in estimation, it is secure due to the low crime rate.


In terms of finances, Jacksonville might be your best stop. It is one of the largest and most populous cities in the United States. It is also very close to major cities such as Alabama, Georgia, and Atlanta and blessed with several award-winning restaurants, museums, zoos, gardens, and beaches. There is a high rate of employment due to its growing economy. The cost of living in Jacksonville is lower than the national average. However, that changed a bit after the pandemic. The good thing is that you can get a one-bedroom apartment for $1100.


Here, you can get an average home listing for as low as $200,000 and a sales price. Apart from the cost of living being 2 percent lower than the national average, it is also the safest place to live. As a large city in Alachua County, you can get basic amenities such as housing, grocery, and health at comfortable prices. Gainesville offers you various sightseeing avenues such as lakes, walking trails, public parks, Ichetucknee springs, and the Museum of Natural History. Job opportunities abound in Gainesville due to the presence of corporate bodies such as the University of Florida, North Florida regional medical center, and many more.

Fort Meade

Fort Meade is a small city in Polk country that forms a part of Lakeland. The houses are cheap, costing around $2000-$2500 per month. Prices of newer median homes are low. Fort Meade’s cost of living is 15,8% lower than the US average, with a low crime rate due to the strong sense of community. Growth and healthcare are affordable. Though it has a rural setting, it boasts steady economic growth and career mobility. Sightseeing locations in Fort Meade include nearby coasts and shopping centers. For recreation, you can go kayaking or canoeing.


Dunedin is blessed with a beautiful waterfront and subtropical setting on the Gulf Coast. It is common to find people spending their honeymoon in Dunedin with its luscious surroundings of pine forests, honeymoon Island state parks, and beaches. You can live in Dunedin for as low as $2000- $2500 monthly. The downtown part, however, is more expensive than the outskirts. You can buy from Dunedin green market and Dunedin brewery. Caladesi Island ferry and Toronto Blue Jays are available to keep you entertained in exchange for a token.


Bartow is 40 miles east of Tampa and 50 miles southwest of Orlando. With a 20,640 population, Bartow is cheap to live in. It’s no surprise, as the cost of groceries, transportation, and housing expenses are 12% lower than the state average. Median houses are usually priced at $139,500. With just $1800-2200, you can survive in Bartow. With its beautiful scenery, classic architecture and historical buildings, Bartow is a great place to live.


Money is not a barrier to living in the best places in Florida, once you know where and how to search. The answers you need are listed above but it’s up to you to make your choice. These communities are always there to welcome you whenever you decide to change your location.

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