When it’s time to say goodbye to the workforce and hello to retirement, many people eagerly look for beautiful and scenic coastal cities to call home. And, since America is full of amazing oceanfront areas, they have plenty of options to choose from.

For those interested in retiring near the ocean, it is important to do some research to find the perfect fit. This can mean something that matches your lifestyle and interests, or simply something that is close to family and friends.

Below we will highlight a handful of exceptional coast cities that may just be exactly what you are after!

Daytona Beach, Florida

It should come as no surprise that the state of Florida offers some of the most popular coastal retirement cities in the country. Known for its many sun-filled days, retirees from across the country flock to the sunshine state to enjoy comfortable temperatures year round.

Daytona Beach in particular is a great option for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. Not only is it home to dozens of beautifully planned out communities, but it also offers a slew of restaurants, shops, and activities to be enjoyed.

Real estate available in Daytona Beach, Florida comes in all shapes and sizes catering to a wide range of buyers. Whether it be a towering and luxurious condominium or a cozy and comfortable bungalow, buyers looking to enjoy their golden years will find the perfect accommodations in Daytona Beach.

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Moving up the coast, our next oceanside city to consider is Bethany Beach. Tucked along the east coast, north of Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach is equally as charming as it is beautiful. While many people looking to enjoy retirement in Bethany Beach will do so seasonally, there are also permanent residency opportunities to be found.

Bethany Beach provides a variety of activities for retirees to stay active, from walking and biking along the boardwalk or venturing out on one of the many boat tours. But perhaps the most enticing factor that Bethany Beach offers is its lower cost of living, making it affordable for those on a fixed income.

Large cottage-style homes are dotted along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and mixed among modern condominiums. Within minutes of the boardwalk, a simple stroll along the coast will have one considering Bethany Beach in no time.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When considering retirement many people strive to spend as much time doing the things they love with their newfound freedom. For many retirees, the thing they love a lot is golf and there is no better place to mix exceptional coastal living and the great game of golf than Myrtle Beach.

Known for its top-tier amenities and numerous professionally-designed golf courses, Myrtle Beach is a great option for those that want to spend their days on the green. If golf is not your sport, don’t be dismayed as there are plenty of other things to do in Myrtle Beach like strolling down the 2-mile long boardwalk, exploring the array of museums, or dining at one of the many restaurants located along Ocean Boulevard.

Much of the real estate available in Myrtle Beach consists of well-maintained condominium buildings which offer breathtaking views of the ocean. Retirees can enjoy the ease of ownership, saying goodbye to mundane tasks such as cutting grass and spending their time soaking in the sun at the beach enjoying a round of golf with friends.

Coos Bay, Oregon

While it may be true that the East Coast offers more affordable options for coastal cities, there are plenty of hidden (and affordable!) gems that are sprinkled along the shores of the Pacific Ocean as well. Case and point, Coos Bay, Oregon.

Though not technically directly located on the coastline, Coos Bay is set on the edge of, you guessed it, Coos Bay, which is fed by the Coos River, which goes on to enter the Pacific Ocean. The river borders a significant portion of the town, offering plenty of real estate with waterfront views.

Coos Bay offers retirees the chance to stay active with an abundance of outdoor activities ranging from whale watching and deep sea fishing to kayaking and hiking. The cost of living in Coos Bay is well below the national average and housing is much more affordable than its East Coast counterparts.

Laguna Beach, California

When a somewhat tropical(ish) climate is a must, California is the state to head to for retirees wishing to find coastal living in the West. Laguna Beach is a small town nestled in Orange County that features swaying palms, lapping waves, and some of the most amazing sunsets around.

Though the cost of living is certainly higher than other options, for those that have been dreaming (or saving) in anticipation of retirement by the coast, Laguna Beach might be just the place. With its year-round mild climate and a seemingly endless array of recreational activities, Laguna Beach is a great option for retirees looking for that beachside haven.

What’s more, there are plenty of housing options from which to choose in the area ranging from single-family homes, luxurious condos, and spacious townhomes. With a wide assortment of communities geared towards an active and exciting retirement, Laguna Beach will not disappoint.

While this is just a small sampling of the many stunning coastal cities found throughout the country, these options showcase how exciting, and affordable, coastal living can be for retirees. Whether it be soaking up the sun down south, or enjoying the incredible natural spaces in the West, there are endless opportunities to be found.

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