There are many reasons why taking the time and making the financial investment to build a timeless wardrobe is worth the effort. While you may see a dent in your credit card initially, when you focus on the end game, you’ll save money in the long run, not to mention time wasted mindlessly shopping. While many women have mastered the art of building a comfortable and stylish wardrobe, studies show men are less likely to see the importance of spending money on clothing and accessories. Keep reading to learn how to build a timeless wardrobe, saving money, reducing decision fatigue, and leading to financial freedom. 

Buy For Life 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “buy it for life,” it’s something that not just minimalists are obsessed with. The idea of buying something for life means you’re investing in the high quality that is going to last. While you’re likely used to doing this in your home with a bedroom or living room furniture and art, parlay this mindset to your wardrobe, especially regarding high-use garments like denim, boots, jackets, and sweaters. The higher quality may mean a higher price tag, but it will likely last you for the rest of your life. 

Focus on Accessories 

Accessories can make or break an outfit; they can add flair and help express your style no matter how casual. Women have understood this for centuries, and historically men have as well, but that has been lost in modern society. While you may not opt for a pocket watch, a quality designer piece like a Rolex or Salvatore Ferragamo men’s watch that you wear daily keeps you on time and in style. Other accessories worth investing in are cashmere scarves, pocket squares, cufflinks, and simple gold or sterling silver chains. Men’s jewelry is seeing a resurgence, so if you feel like wearing a pinky ring or earrings, go for it! Never underestimate the power of accessories in a man’s timeless wardrobe. 

Comfort is Key 

Did you know the average American adult wears less than 20% of their clothing, yet the average American home has nearly half a million items in it? If your closet is overflowing with items you don’t feel comfortable in, donate or sell them today. Keep only items that you’re comfortable with. Comfortability equals confidence. Psychologically you’re choosing to wear what makes you confident each day when designing your outfit. If you don’t feel like your clothing flatters your body type, it’s worth working with a stylist to determine your body and how to dress it in a flattering and comfortable way. Nothing is as attractive as a confident person, so invest in clothes that convey that. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race 

Most people work with a budget, so don’t think you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe on the weekend. Building a classic wardrobe takes time, and focusing only on pieces you can buy for life, high-quality accessories, and well-made, confidence-inspiring clothing takes time. If the items in your wardrobe are also limited after pairing down to the pieces you feel good in, add to it only items that fit the above requirements for a place in your dresser and closet. Experimenting with a capsule wardrobe can be fun, and many people opt to only dress this way after doing it for a few weeks; it can be worth trying on your timeless wardrobe journey. 

Groomed for Greatness 

One critical part of a timeless wardrobe isn’t even what you wear; it’s what you do before getting dressed or walking out the door for the day. Perfecting a grooming routine that keeps you looking sharp is the best way to compliment the right clothing. Regular beard trims, hair cuts, and keeping your nails short and well-kept go just as far as a designer jacket or pair of $500 jeans. Adding cologne to your grooming routine is a great way to boost attractiveness and confidence and a signature scent to match your signature style. 

Timeless fashion will always trump fast fashion and trends that come and go. Taking the above steps towards a timeless wardrobe, whether you’re a sartorial man or not, will impact your life positively in countless ways. Here’s to looking and, more importantly, feeling your best!

Cameron Green

Cameron Green is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in Business Logistics. He has been a self-storage expert and consultant for 15 years. His prior experience includes managing a self-storage facility and logistics planning. His background includes roles in operations management and as a professional organizer. In his free time, he is an amazing astronomer and a mentor in small business development programs. He also enjoys mountain biking and is a volunteer in local community organizing.

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