Are you a mom who has struggled to find the balance between looking fashionable and feeling comfortable? Do you wish you could give your wardrobe an update but don’t know where to start? Fashion isn’t something that comes easily for everyone, and for busy moms who don’t have much free time to spend shopping and researching the latest trends while cooking and doing laundry, it can feel even more out of reach.

Not to worry, as we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll take a look at some simple ways moms can build a wardrobe that is both comfortable and stylish, filling them with confidence.

Purchase Loungewear That Is More Streamlined and Fitted

Loungewear can be a popular weekend clothing option as it’s incredibly comfortable and as we head into winter, it can also be quite cozy. While there’s no reason to stop wearing loungewear, you can take care with the pieces you choose to buy. Rather than buying oversized bulky clothing choose loungewear that is more streamlined, fitted and has a clear style to it. You can also look for pieces that are made from more luxurious and elegant fabrics so they feel great against the skin but also hang/drape beautifully. Think of it as more refined loungewear.

Upgrade to Designer Sneakers

For many people, sneakers are a staple item in the wardrobe and are something that is needed. It’s not even that you need high-quality workout shoes; instead, you just like the casual vibe that sneakers create, not to mention the level of comfort. So, in keeping with a more stylish wardrobe, there is a simple solution and that’s to upgrade to designer sneakers. You’ll still have that same level of comfort, but suddenly your shoes will be trendy and make a statement rather than detracting from the look.

You can check out options like the Golden Goose Sneakers at retailers like SSENSE. Whether you want something simple with clean lines or you like the idea of shoes with embellishments, Golden Goose has you covered. Remember, sneakers can also be paired with sundresses, capri pants, leggings, denim and so many other options. They are a very versatile shoe and if you get a designer brand, then they are also very fashion-forward.

Layers Are Your Best Bet

This is a tip that can be used by anyone, since dressing in layers is a hack that any expert designer will share with you. Not only is it stylish to combine layers, textures, prints and colors but it provides you with versatility. You’ll be comfortable no matter the temperature or the activity that you’re doing.

One of the most useful items you can pick up for your wardrobe is a cardigan, as it makes layering a breeze. You can find lightweight and heavier cardigans, long-sleeved or short-sleeved and every color and fabric. To ensure that your cardigans are the most versatile possible, it’s usually wise to stick to solid neutral colors.

Another way you can layer is to add scarves to your outfits, layer a blouse over another shirt or camisole, wear a fitted blazer and so forth. Layers are both practical and stylish.

Spend the Time to Seek Out the Perfect Denim

If you’re used to purchasing the first pair of denim you come across, not paying too much attention to the details it’s time to change the way you shop. Denim is a fabulous piece for any wardrobe but there is a real art in finding the right size, fit, style and color/wash. While you can certainly purchase a trending style, most designers recommend you stick to the fit that most flatters your body shape. This ensures a comfortable fit and will make you look very put together.

The most common types or styles of denim are:

  • Slim fit
  • Straight leg
  • Skinny
  • Boot cut
  • Wide leg
  • Flare
  • Boyfriend

There is also the question of rise, which is how low/high they sit on your waist. Low-rise will sit below your belly button, mid-rise is right at your belly button and then high-rise is above your belly button. In general, most people tend to be the most comfortable in mid and high-rise. The jeans can feel more secure at that rise and is a go-to option for the get-together on ultra decks.

As for the wash, typically the darker the color, the dressier the denim will look. For example, a dark wash or a black pair of denim can be dressed up for an evening out, whereas a light wash looks much more casual.

Don’t Forget Accessories to Finish the Look

Finally, you want to be sure you also update your selection of accessories. This is a great way to give a nod to current trends, add interest and color to your wardrobe and feel more polished.

All of these tips will help moms to have a fresh new take on their wardrobe so they can look and feel great.

Sarah Martinez

Sarah Martinez holds a Master’s in Lifestyle Journalism from Columbia University, focusing her 16-year career on lifestyle transformations and cultural insights. Since joining our editorial team in 2020, Sarah has provided her readers with tips on creating fulfilling lifestyles, mindfulness practices, and self-improvement strategies. Her background includes roles in lifestyle magazines and as a freelance writer. In her leisure time, Sarah is an amateur photographer and a participant in local storytelling events.

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