Planning to give a brand new makeover to your fireplace? Well, a simple way to update your living room’s look from autumn, winter, spring, and summer is to change out the decorations around your fireplace. In many British homes, the fireplace is the room’s main attraction.

Whether you already have a stunning fireplace that serves as the centrepiece of your living room during the colder months, have a decorative fireplace that looks nice but doesn’t actually work, or are planning to construct a fireplace from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

Below are 5 simple yet stylish tips for updating your fireplace’s appearance, no matter the season.

Let’s get into this!

Embrace the Fireplace by Adding Textures Around

When it comes to interior design, one of the most astonishing but frequently neglected elements is texture. You can create stylish interiors by making use of a variety of textures in a room. This is particularly helpful when it comes to decorating the area around your fireplace.

By incorporating a variety of materials throughout this special living room area, you can end up with an environment that is inviting, cosy, and reassuring. Many expert-level interior designers enjoy incorporating a variety of natural materials, that also add texture to the overall look.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some attraction to your warming space, try adding a teak stool. These chairs made of recycled teak are perfect for use in front of a fireplace and also serve a number of other purposes.

These stools are not only lovely but also give off a sort of rustic feel. You can use them as a side table, as a decoration, or even as a form of seating when you have visitors over.

Add Style Pattern of Symmetry

The use of symmetrical design elements produces stunning looks on the mantels of all different types of fireplaces. At this point, we are talking about brick fireplaces, glass fireplaces, and even stone fireplaces.

When it comes to designing a fireplace mantel, going for an asymmetrical look can offer up a wide variety of possibilities that you might never think about.

To begin, you have the option of utilising a wide variety of decorative objects that range in both size and form. Just keep in mind that you will need two of everything in order to create a mirror image of what you started with.

In most cases, you will require a sizable centrepiece along with a number of smaller accoutrements to position around it. For instance, place a large flower container in the centre, and then place candlesticks on either side of it to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If, by any chance, there are any problems with your chimney or the mantel wall, we always recommend seeking assistance from professional stone fireplace specialists. Avoid DIYs at any cost!

Use Natural Elements

There is no denying the amount of life that plants are able to bring into any given place. If your fireplace serves no practical purpose, but is merely for aesthetic purposes, putting some plants in it will be the ideal way to give it some vitality.

To maintain that pleasant and inviting ambience, you might want to try hanging some terracotta potted plants from the mantel above your fireplace.

Put some large plants in pots and position them on either side of the fireplace, and then put several smaller pots on top of the mantel. This will create a stunning effect.

The atmosphere of the room can be elevated to the next level by the strategic placement of chic decorative elements like a birdcage (don’t worry if you don’t have any birds to keep in), potpourris, or fragrant candles.

Play with Colorful Life in Captivity

When it comes to decorating the fireplace, having red, green, white, and gold colors are typically the first superb options that come to people’s minds. However, if you want your fireplace to look cosy, you don’t necessarily need to decorate it in colors associated with Christmas.

The most effective fireplace mantle design ideas can make use of a variety of colors while still conveying a sense of cosiness. The trick is to strike an equilibrium between bold and vivid colors on the one hand, and warmer elements on the other.

For instance, if your fireplace has a floor spread that features vibrant colors, you can balance out the look of the space by decorating the mantel with wintry greenery, a large garland, or a wreath.

Update Your Mantel with Minimal Effort

If you are looking for methods to spruce up the interior of your home without spending a lot of money, or if you do not want to spend a lot of time decorating, the minimalist approach is the one that will work best for you.

To put it another way, keep it straightforward while maintaining its relevance. Consider the primary pieces you’d like to show off on the fireplace and plan accordingly. This could be a photograph of you and your family or a painting that you particularly adore.

Even if there is nothing in particular that you want to draw attention to, you can still achieve an appearance that is simple and sophisticated by using a few vases. You can also go for miniature picture frames or even a fancy mirror. If you want your space to feel more inviting, consider decorating with warm colors like maroon.

Wrapping Up

Fireplaces can be an amazing hook or the most boring corner of your living space. Make sure that your fireplace is not an area of your house that gets ignored. Make use of some of these above 5 suggestions for decorating, and see if you can’t give your warm and inviting fireplace the air of sophistication it so richly deserves.

Stone and masonry fireplaces not only lend an air of refined sophistication to the space, but they also offer a great deal of versatility in terms of how well they complement various styles of interior design.

You can choose any style tip as per your taste and see how it goes with your overall look and the current season!

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