Over the years the world of interior design has moved further into the future with the latest and greatest in modern design and functionality for every room in the home, especially in the living room. With all the new avenues for upgrading one of the focal points of any house, there are endless possibilities for you to add some new additions to the family space.

From sneaking in some small additions to the decor to making major changes in furniture and design, there are a few simple and sleek additions you can make to your living room to upgrade your lifestyle!

Before you embark on your living room upgrade project, get your essential tools ready first. If you expect to do some welding job during the renovation, prepare a safety welding curtain or screen to keep noise in and not disturb your neighbors. It would also protect your space and other people from fumes and chemicals that can be emitted during the welding process.


One of the foundations of modern interior design is good lighting. Having good lighting in your living room is crucial to getting the most out of your space throughout all hours of the day and illuminating the rest of your stylish decor!

There are plenty of modern and attractive lighting options to spice up your living room and keep everything well lit!

While LED tube lights are a good option, taking advantage of the natural lighting in your space is a great way to add a touch of sunlight to the room while saving your spare change for other projects. When you want to block out the extra light, add some modern and chic outdoor window blinds, or curtains.

Overhead lighting is one of the most popular options because it is up off the ground and out of the way. Lights installed directly into the ceiling are a good option for a modern and clean look. Modern and minimalist chandeliers are a great way to add much-needed overhead lighting with a little extra flare.

If natural and overhead lighting isn’t enough illumination for the room, try a variety of modern lighting solutions such as stylish floor lamps or decorative tabletop lamps to illuminate all the nooks and crannies of your living room.

Choosing the right lighting for a modern twist on your living room is a great way to bring out the best aspects and show off all your hard work in upgrading the space!


Having the right blend of stylish and functional furniture to fit the needs and aesthetics of your living room. From comfy chairs and couches for lounging to sturdy side tables and bookcases, finding a good mix of modern and useful furniture for your living room is a great way to upgrade the room and get more out of your space.

A good living room has plenty of seating for everyone to kick back and relax, and having a stylish couch or fashionable armchair is a great way to add a modern touch to your room. Pick seating that is both comfortable and chic, and make sure you have enough seating options for everyone.

Pairing a variety of sofas and chairs with a convenient and stylish end and coffee tables is a great way to fill some empty space and squeeze in some modern functionality.

Adding a few bookcases and dressers to your living room is a great way to utilize your space and add some storage and space for decorations.

Excellent quality living room furniture is a good investment. It may cost more upfront, but it’ll save you money in the long run because it’ll last longer and require less maintenance.  

But what makes high-quality furniture? The most durable furniture materials resist wear and tear, stains, and fading. In a place with a humid climate, choosing furniture made with water-resistant materials, such as leather, is advisable. In addition, furniture craftsmanship, such as solid joinery and well-made frames, is crucial to ensuring longevity and functionality.

Upgrading your furniture to a more stylish and more functional counterpart is another fantastic way to upgrade your lifestyle and add a modern twist to a classic space!


When revamping your living room to fit your modern taste, it is crucial to not leave your walls bare. Filling up empty space on your walls with art, shelves, and other eye-catching decor is a great way to add some flare to your living room.

Handpicking some beautiful and modern art to decorate the walls to decorate your living room is simple. You can pick from a variety of different styles of art and add pops of color to spice things up.

Utilizing extra wall space for storage and display is another great way to accessorize your walls with modern functionality and flare. Installing some modern and stylish shelves adds extra display space for more decor in your living room and adds to the overall design of the room.

One of the focal points of a living room is a roaring fireplace. While the fireplace is a classic piece of any warm and welcoming family room, there are many unique and simple ways to add a modern spin to it with some fireplace decor design and ideas. Adding a reclaimed wood mantle adds a nice rustic twist on an old classic and adds some color to the piece.

Apart from wall art, shelving, and revamping the fireplace, adding a variety of different wall decorations gives your living room more variety in decor. Wall clocks, family photos, and miscellaneous decor give your walls an assortment of eye-catching decorations.

Giving some much-needed TLC to your living room walls and adding a new twist on classic decor is another great way to modernize your family room and upgrade your lifestyle!


After tackling some of the larger projects in revamping your living room, spicing up the decor in the space with a more modern twist is a great way to upgrade your room.

Adding some greenery to the room is a perfect way to freshen things up and add a modern look. Choosing vibrant and low-maintenance plants that are native to your area adds a nice healthy and fresh look to the space, as well as taking up some lonely corners of the room with thriving plants.

Some of the beautiful indoor plants you can place in your living room include snake and ZZ plants, known for their air-purifying properties. Snake plants are very low-maintenance and can tolerate low-light conditions. On the other hand, ZZ plants are another low-maintenance, drought-tolerant option.

Modern style leaves a lot of room for creative liberties, so spicing up your decor with colorful trinkets and small statues, family photos, coffee table books, and accessories, and other small decorations that show off your personal style and taste with a modern twist.

Revamping the decor in your living room is a great way to upgrade your lifestyle and add a modern twist to some classic pieces.


Technology and the functionality that comes with it is one of the most prominent aspects of the modern world and has made its way into the realm of interior design. Adding a touch of modern design by implementing functional and useful tech into your living room is a great way to upgrade your lifestyle!

One way to implement tech into your living room is by upgrading your existing devices to fit the needs of the modern world. Sink your lighting devices so you can dim or brighten them together with one control panel. Upgrade your traditional wood burner to an electric fireplace with mantel that doesn’t require burning wood, saves you an extra sooty mess, and prevents possible fire hazards in your home.

Do you have a smart speaker? If not, it’s about time to have one alongside a smart home system. Smart speakers can add a modern touch to your living room. Many smart speakers are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your décor. You can use a smart speaker for remote tasks like playing music, setting timers, and controlling smart home devices, making it a versatile addition to any living room.

Upgrading existing tech to fit the demands of the modern world is a perfect way to upgrade your living room and lifestyle!

Put it together

Keeping up with the modern world can be a hassle considering the styles and trends seem to change daily. Luckily, upgrading your living room to fit your modern taste and functional needs is a great way to revamp your family rooms and upgrade your lifestyle.

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