When it comes to comfort and well-being in the home, heating and air conditioning systems are essential.

Especially in the bathroom, that’s why many rely on their trusted exhaust fan. Not only will they make your life easier, but safer too.

Have an exhaust fan? Need an exhaust fan? On the fence about it? Keep reading to find out why having bathroom exhaust fans in your home is a necessity.

You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t invest in one sooner!

Our Top Three Benefits

  1. Eliminate Odors
  2. Humidity Reduction
  3. Reduces airborne contaminants

We use the bathroom for many reasons, and it can be challenging to keep it clean and fresh from time to time.

A bathroom exhaust fan helps with odor control. It eliminates smells as it draws out odors in the room, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air quality and breathe freely.

A ventilation system helps keep the bathroom well maintained and allows excellent airflow! And there’s nothing better than a room that smells good!

Humidity reduction is vital for the upkeep of the room. Bathrooms have excessive moisture due to the shower’s steam, which can wreak havoc by causing doors to warp and wallpaper and paint to peel.

More importantly, the humidity in the room can cause mold. Spores grow very quickly and can be very hard to get rid of.

The fan will remove the build-up of these spores and will save you a lot of high costs in the long run.

So, bathroom exhaust fans prevent this and protect the surfaces and air quality unless your toilets are not swirling.

An exhaust fan can reduce airborne contaminants. We generally clean our bathrooms with aggressive chemicals, and these can’t be very good for our health.

Without proper ventilation, we inhale these fumes, causing major health issues for us.

Three More Benefits

  1. Help eliminate foggy mirror syndrome
  2. Gets the job done quietly
  3. Simple to install, maintain, and clean

There’s nothing more frustrating than foggy mirrors and moist air after a hot shower. A bathroom fan will remove water vapour from your walls and mirrors.

It will also remove moisture without you having to open a window – this is great during those chilly winter mornings.

It is essential to install a fan with a CFM rating number that is the same as the square footage in your bathroom.

In the past, ventilation fans used to be excessively loud. Due to advances in technology, exhaust fans are quieter, and their performance has improved.

Look at the fan’s sone rating to find one that is quiet. A sone rating is the measure of the noise it emits. A rating of one some or less is best as it is considered quiet.

Another fantastic benefit is that installing exhaust fans is super simple. They’re also easy to maintain and clean.

To ensure that it’s properly installed a specialist can do the job for you. They are also energy efficient. A commercial exhaust fan has so many benefits. It will change your life!

shower head and steam in bathroom

Features And Considerations

A good ventilation fan doesn’t only allow for good air movement and low humidity levels. It also has tons of unique features with some added benefits.

There are so many options, and it all depends on the performance and style you want.

Some fans come with heat lamps and an air conditioner. You also have the option of getting a fan with lights, or even ones with humidity and moisture sensing.

There are also timed fans. They help reduce the build-up of mould without wasting any energy.

A Big Fan of Fans

The benefits to a commercial exhaust fan are endless and should be a priority when it comes to your home upgrade.

Not only will your bathroom be properly ventilated and smell good, but it will also look good, and you’ll feel good.

The installation is so simple. You have no excuse! Take a look at the plumber spot for the best advice on what exhaust fan you should purchase!

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