Like many others, you may not think about termites often. Truth is, these little pests can wreak havoc in your home if you let them grow. This article will discuss various signs that your home inspector will spot during home inspection Dallas. We’ll also talk about how to get rid of the potential signs with the help of your home inspector.

Mud Tunnels on Your Home’s Exterior

If you see small mud tunnels on the exterior of your home, it’s a good indicator that you have termites. The insects create these tunnels as they travel back and forth from their nests to your house, searching for food.

What to do: If you see mud tunnels, it’s best to call a professional right away. They’ll assess the situation and determine the best course of action. You can also clean the area yourself or get suggestions from the home inspector about what to do.

Here are some steps the home inspector will probably suggest:

  • Remove any wood touching the ground: This includes firewood, landscaping timbers, etc.
  • Eliminate moisture sources: Make sure your gutters are clean and functioning properly. Repair any leaks in your plumbing or roof.
  • Get rid of any food sources the termites might be after: This includes things like wood piles, leaves, and debris.

Hollowed-Out Wood

If you tap on wood surfaces in your home and it sounds hollow, there’s a good chance that termites have been eating away at it. These pests love to feast on wood, and they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

What to do: Work with the home inspector to look for possible solutions. Here are a few steps to take:

  • Remove any affected wood and replace it.
  • Eliminate moisture sources: Make sure your gutters are clean and functioning properly. Repair any leaks in your plumbing or roof.
  • Consider replacing the wooden furniture if the home inspector deems it “fully pest-infested.”

Cracks in Your Foundation

Termites sometimes create small cracks in your foundation as they eat away at the wood. These cracks can be hard to spot, but the home inspector will be looking for them.

What to do: The best thing to do is have the cracks repaired and remove broken screws as soon as possible. This will help prevent further damage to your home and keep the termites from getting in. The home inspector can recommend a professional to do the repairs.

Blistering Paint

If you see blistering paint on your walls, it’s another sign that your home might be infested with uninvited guests. The insects create tunnels as they travel back and forth, which can cause the paint to blister.

What to do: Check with the home inspector and assess the situation. Consider contacting paint professionals to get the affected area repainted after a pest removal agency has removed the termites. We would advise you not to get your hands dirty because this may lead to termites spreading in other home areas.

Swarms of Insects

The insects often swarm in the springtime and look for new places to build their nests. Don’t be upset if your home inspector spots this issue, as many homes are affected by insects swarming their homes.

What to do: Check with your neighbors to see if they’re experiencing the same issue. If so, it’s probably best to call a professional to help get rid of the problem.

Wings on the Ground

As termites swarm, they shed their wings. If you see wings on the ground near your home, don’t immediately inform the home inspector to get their advice.

What to do: It’s also a good idea to call a pest removal company. Chances are, termites have bred at various places on your property, and it might be difficult to spot all the areas yourself. Start with the obvious areas by spotting yourself and taking the help of the home inspector. Then let the pest removal professionals take charge of the situation.


Termites can plague homes, and it is best to spot their presence before they make life in your home uncomfortable. A home inspector will be able to spot hidden pest-infested areas you might not spot, so make sure you get a home inspection done irrespective of the property type.

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