Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it is important that it is a welcoming space that inspires you to cook.

Modern kitchens are minimalistic and have a clean & elegant design.

This eliminates clutter and prevents the kitchen from looking disorganized by including Cambria countertops due to the grouping of too many contrasting elements.

There are certain things you should have in your kitchen in order to modernize it.

1. Modern Appliances

A kitchen cannot be called modern if it doesn’t have modern appliances.

Refrigerator – If you want your kitchen to look modern, I recommend getting a built-in refrigerator.

Built-in refrigerators have a streamlined, uniform look, refrigerant pressures and also save precious space.

Dishwasher – A dishwasher is a useful appliance considering the fact that washing dishes is an everyday chore.

Choosing the right dishwasher can help you save water, energy and even contribute to cleaner dishes.

Coffee maker – If you are someone who drinks coffee every day, why not invest in a coffee maker?

Most modern coffee makers have options for different types of coffee like cappuccino and espresso.

Induction cooktop – Induction cooktops are perfect for modern and minimalistic kitchens because of their sleek and elegant design. It is super easy to use, clean and comes in many versatile styles. Just make sure you use an induction-compatible pot or skillet while cooking on this kind of cooktop.

2. Flat Panel Design

A flat panel design is a classic element of a modern kitchen.

Flat panel cabinets and doors look clean, minimal and are characterized by a lack of ornamentation.

If you are looking for a sleek and modern aesthetic, go with glossy white, grey or natural wood tones.

3. Open Layout

Nowadays, open plan kitchens are on the rise and nobody wants to confine their kitchen and hide it away in the corner of their house.

There are several advantages in having an open plan kitchen.

  • Anyone can easily enter and view the kitchen. It can be a great opportunity to interact with people while cooking, including guests.
  • Cooking and serving can take place simultaneously and it is easy to move the food from one place to another.
  • It is more spacious and airy. The absence of walls allows the kitchen to seamlessly connect with the other rooms and permits the entry of natural light which makes it more bright.

4. Modern Countertops

Countertops are a very important part of your kitchen and choosing the wrong color or finish can ruin the entire look.

You must make sure the color and finish of the countertops coordinates with the rest of the kitchen for a cohesive look.

Laminate, wood, granite and marble are some of the popular choices for modern countertops.

5. Kitchen Island

If you have the space, a kitchen island will make an amazing addition to your kitchen.

  • It provides extra storage space.
  • You get a wider area for preparation.
  • You get an extra seating area.

Stained concrete, granite and marble are some popular material choices for modern kitchen islands.

6. Light Fixtures

Instead of having only one central light source for your kitchen, consider installing some modern light fixtures in order to take your kitchen lighting to the next level.

There are countless options ranging from modern geometric chandeliers to glass pendants.

7. Backsplash

The backsplash is a functional aspect of a kitchen but it also adds to the overall look of a kitchen.

Although backsplashes have been around for ages, the sleek, streamlined and minimalistic backsplashes are relatively new and perfect for modern kitchens.

8. Walk-In-Pantry

You cannot expect your kitchen to look minimalistic and elegant if it is cluttered with food containers, jars and big utensils.

A walk-in-pantry will allow you to easily access your provisions and also keep large, bulky utensils out of view.


If you are planning to remodel your old kitchen, make sure you pay attention to all the elements including things which may seem less important.

If you are unsure, an experienced interior designer will be able to help you.

Dominic Wong

Dominic Wong, holding a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, has 20 years of experience in the home appliance sector. He joined our website as a freelancer in 20119, sharing his deep understanding of appliance functionality, energy efficiency, and consumer trends. Previously, Dominic worked in appliance design and testing. His background also includes roles in product development and consumer research. An advocate for sustainable technology, he enjoys mountain biking and experimenting with smart home gadgets in his spare time.

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