Colorful flowers can add charm, elegance, and exquisite beauty to their surroundings, making them a remarkably precious natural home decor item. They are often found in massive halls, decorating the dining room, or placed on various mantles all over the house.

But have you ever wondered how long you can keep flowers out of water? This is quite a common query most folks have, who often end up with wilted and dry flowers barely a couple of hours after bringing them home.

So, whether you tend to a garden in your backyard, you have a deck, or have bought fresh flowers from the market, you can help them last longer by ensuring proper care.

The following information can help first-timers understand the nuances of caring for spectacular flowers at home, ensuring they stay fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

Trim the stems and extra leaves

The plant and flower industry is worth billions of dollars and counting, with the sudden spurt of growth primarily due to the rising popularity of these stunning florets at home. Moreover, many people invest time and money in caring for gardens at home and tending to fresh-cut flora in vases.

However, it is essential to trim the stems before placing the bouquet in a vase to ensure water can seep into them. Arrangements that you buy from professional florists will already have these cutdec, but you may still have to re-trim them a day or two later. Also, ensure to carefully take off any extra leaves near the stems, as they tend to develop bacteria when left submerged in water.

Keep them out of direct sunlight

It is wrong to assume that keeping the vase on a window sill receiving direct heat from the sun will make the blossoms last longer. In contrast, they will dry up and wither away from the extreme heat since they are not potted plants with plenty of moisture.

Therefore, find a shady, cool spot that can help these gorgeous flowerets retain moisture and thrive for a longer time. You can also wrap the blooms in a clean, damp cloth when shifting them from one container to the next. Another critical thing to note is that vegetables and fruits may cause the bouquet to wilt as they release ethylene gas. So, keep the vase at a safe distance from these products.

Change the water periodically

Blossoms cut from their plants will survive and stay fresh much longer in vases and other containers when they are immersed in freshwater. So, ensure to change the water in the container once every two days, enabling the flowers to draw clean water from the stems. Remember to submerge the stems at least three inches under water for effective absorption.

You can also touch and check if they feel dry and spray some water over them as and when required. Keeping them hydrated will effectively extend their lifespan and bloom.

Remove dried flowers from the bouquet 

Depending on the specific variety and quality of the blooms, some may wilt in less than a week, regardless of how clean you keep the vase or how well you water them. When this happens, the dying florets will develop mold and easily contaminate the other ones in the container, causing them to lose their sheen and wilt faster.

Invariably, removing all dried and dying flowers from the bouquet is critical as soon as you notice them. This will give the rest of them a chance to thrive and stay healthier for longer.

Consider flowers that do well in sunlight

Indeed, learning to preserve flowers out of water is a skill even amateurs can learn with time. However, not everyone might have the appropriate space at home to keep their blossoms safe from the harsh sun. For instance, they may not have spare room inside the house or enough shade in the garden for their favorite flora to survive.

In such cases, consider investing in varieties that thrive in direct sunlight, eliminating your worry about keeping them fresh. Popular options include sunflowers, petunias, geraniums, daisies, peonies, ageratums, and lantanas. These can survive for days after being cut from their bush, ensuring the surroundings are aromatic and pleasing to the eye.

Transport them properly 

Several folks take beautiful florets from their backyards to their friends and family’s homes to offer them as gifts. But most of these may not survive if they are not well cared for during the commute. So, the first vital thing to remember is to keep them upright, preventing the petals from drooping and withering away.

Secondly, hold them from the stem as much as possible since directly touching the flowers will damage them irreversibly. You can wrap the stem in a cool, damp cloth to retain moisture during the trip.

Finally, try to keep the flowers out of water for as little time as possible, increasing their chances of survival.

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