Also familiar with the name Ashley Home store, Ashley Furniture is a popular name in every household because of discount furniture. The Home Stores of Ashley is available throughout the nation and even the entire globe having franchises in independently owned stores. These Ashley Home Stores have an extensive range of Ashley items. 

In the event you desire to buy furniture online from Ashley, your product will be shipped the next day through Ashley Express. You can also purchase furniture from the nearby retail stores in the event the Ashley furniture store is available in your area. There is a possibility that the availability and prices of products will vary from one dealer to another. 

You will find that the quality of the furniture is reasonable and not too great. You will get only that for what you will pay for. Without any doubt, Ashley Furniture is affordable. In the event you are low on budget and building your first home, then Ashley Furniture is perfect for you.

Customers say numerous good things for the prices of Ashley Furniture, but is Ashley furniture good quality? Well, various in-store and online options have a different collection of home décor, indoor furniture, mattresses, and much more. However, some customers have different opinions regarding the long lastingness of the furniture. 

So, to clear all your doubts, this article will show you the exact picture of Ashley Furniture and answer your question – Is Ashley Furniture good quality? 

The Home Stores

You will be amazed instantly with a great collection of items provided by Ashley when you will pay a visit to one of the vast 45,000 sq. Ft. Ashley Home Store. The next thing that will surprise you is the cheap cost. As you move forward, you will see the price tags hanging from the furniture products. 

In the United States of America, Ashley Furniture is the most significant selling brand. It creates this image because of its selection, style, service, and quality. Ashley Furniture is the largest home furnishing maker in this industry, starting from its familiar beginnings in 1945 and now becoming the leader of wall units and occasional tables. This Ashley Home Store is mainly designed to cater to all the needs of your furniture as it is a one-stop store. 

Ashley furniture became the highest-selling brand throughout the world for furniture and rapidly growing furniture chain in 2006. Today, there are 15 making and distribution services throughout the world, and at least Ashley 100 Home Stores are available. As of 2019, the furniture items by Ashley are sold in 54 nations having 925 locations. 

What Can You Expect? 

There is no doubt in accepting that the styles of Ashley Furniture are more traditional. However, you will also find a great collection of contemporary furniture. To provide furniture products a more developing appearance, Ashley updates their traditional designs as well. 

With relevant and identical finishes and products for every room, the products offered by Ashley permit the purchases to select from different furniture combinations. In the event you want affordable and reasonably priced furniture, and you desire to make your selection procedure simpler.

The collections mentioned above are lined up, not only floor displays but also pricing levels at Ashley Home Store. For example, you can get a coordinated 5-piece living room set having a loveseat, two end tables, a sofa, and a coffee table, and that even not more than $1000. 

Case Goods 

The division of Case Goods incorporates bedroom sets, dining room sets, storage units, table sets, and wall units. You will get an extensive collection of selection in price along with finishes, style, and color. For a standard 3-piece table set, you can expect to pay around more than $300 and for a set in the more excellent quality range, get ready to pay more than $4000. 


You will get loveseats, sectionals, and sofas in the division of upholstery. Just like you get an extensive range of styles and prices available in case goods, you will also get in this division. 

There is no doubt in accepting that there is an extensive collection of designs. However, you cannot go for custom orders. You can find whatever you desire from a vast collection of designs provided by Ashley Furniture, and after that, you can plus or minus from that, or even you can mix and match. In various distinct leather and fabrics, the Ashley Furniture ranges from traditional to transitional in their sectionals and sofa groups. 

Leather sofas have a starting range of $700, whereas fabric sofas start at approximately $500. As mentioned earlier, the cost will change as per the retailer. 

Residential Building 

In 2008, Ashley Furniture came with its mattresses. The mattress permits this brand to become one of the rapidly growing ones because of its popularity. By incorporating the utilization of new materials and technology, the brand has kept the latest developments in mattresses in a row. The Ashley mattresses have Centaur-US seal is one of the top environmental trends. 

Millennium Collection 

It is the most excellent quality offered by Ashley. These items are manufactured better, having excellent quality materials. The classic styling is one of the fantastic features of this sort of furniture as it is never out of fashion. 

Specifics of Ashley Furniture 

In the United States of America, Ashley Furniture is one of the prominent brands in the furniture industry. It is familiar because of the reasonable cost of furniture. It came into existence as a business of catalog that ships furniture straightly to customers.

As mentioned earlier, Ashley has a giant online storefront and several showrooms. To cater to the budget-conscious needs of the buyers, the furniture items provided by Ashley have a great variety of design options and prices. 

When it is time to purchase in-store, buyers claim different interactions and perceived quality as per their experiences and sentiments. No doubt, there are considerable numbers of individuals who say good about Ashley Furniture products. However, people have bad experiences with the delivery and long-lastingness of the furniture items. So, is Ashley furniture good quality? Check out to read – 

Quality of the Material

Familiar with reasonably priced furniture items, Ashley Furniture offers an extensive range of items. There can be various unique bargains to discover regarding the quality of the material; however, you need to ensure to have a look at what is precisely in the furniture.

Various items make use of powerful items like solid wood; others make use of engineered items, such as particleboard, that can be less powerful. 

Top Picks of Ashley Furniture 

There are numerous requests from customers regarding the top picks of Ashley Home Store. Go ahead to read all of them and check their pros and cons. 

Sectionals and Sofas

New sectional for the living room is the top request of furniture from buyers of Ashley. Having a range of $435-$4500, the price selection of Ashley is more significant than in different stores. You will find more than 200 distinct designs to select from in-store and online, having options that range from affordable synthetic fabric upholstery to more excellent end all-leather styles.

There are various mixed opinions when talking about customer satisfaction. Customers have mixed reviews; they talk good about pricing along with more significant end materials, whereas some of the affordable items have bad reviews regarding long-lastingness and durability. 

Advantages – Extensive range of styles for a wide variety of prices.

Disadvantages – Various problems related to durability because of cheap and affordable options. There are various complaints about delivery also. 

Signature Design by Ashley

Signature Design by Ashley is perfect for those people who desire to furnish their rooms completely. In the event you desire to plug and play style for the up-gradation of your next room, then collections by Ashley are a fantastic choice from classy looking bedroom styles to conventional dining rooms.

The top-rated selections by Ashley include rustic and traditional wooden furniture that makes use of solid wood accents. It incorporates the Wind Ville collection, Porter collection, and Sommer ford dining room collection. There is no doubt in accepting that there are affordable options to choose from. However, some complaints arise by customers because of the durability issue. 

Advantages – Matching styles are right because of the shop by style choices. 

Disadvantages – Durability issue because of cheap and affordable options. There are also various delivery complaints from customers. 

Bedroom Sets 

Here comes another favorite product by Ashley, and that is bedroom sets. It has nightstands, a dresser, and a bed. The prices range from low-cost metal and composite styles to more excellent end powerful wooden choices. High-cost choices are well-built by the customers, while there is some difference in opinions on low-cost choices because of the durability issue. 

Advantages – Immense range of styles and prices to accommodate all budgets. 

Disadvantages – Durability is a significant issue as per various customers. 


Ashley buyers want comfortable and reasonable recliners. Numerous options are available that have different material designs and pricings with upholstered styles and prices that begin at $249. Buyers mostly go for high-cost plush and leather options, as these are the most lovable ones by Ashley. In general, shoppers adore their collection; however, durability issues and sizing issues are still there for various choices. 

Advantages – People love leather and plush choices in general.

Disadvantages – Long-lastingness, delivery, and sizing are significant problems as per the customers. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has answered your question – is Ashley furniture good quality. Ashley furniture is famous for huge Home Stores and inexpensive furniture. Ashley manufactures its items by focusing majorly on budget-conscious people who want rapid delivery. Apart from the durability issue, Ashley Furniture Quality is overall excellent.

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