The real estate market of today is flooded with for sale by owners or FSBO listings. As this business model is a growing trend with several benefits, including the potential for cost savings and quicker sales, FSBO websites are fast surfacing.

Selling your home without an agent is a big task, which demands a lot of time, energy, and resources. We have put together a list of the best real estate websites for FSBO to get you started.


This FSBO platform has been around for more than two decades! Yes, that’s correct. Their longevity, besides being a testament to their reputation, positions them high in terms of website traffic because they have garnered authority with search engines over all these years.

This is good news for both sellers as consistent traffic ensures that there is a huge potential for a large number of buyers to see the listings.

In terms of listing services, the company provides one of the best for sale by owner listing experiences. There are completely customizable listing options for your home.

That said, despite the high traffic the website draws monthly, it is only people who visit the site that can see the listing because the platform’s properties are not syndicated on the local MLS.

Also, does not enable buyer’s agent commission. This may look like an advantage to keeping costs low, but it is likely to restrict your exposure. This is because brokers do not have any incentive to show these listings to their customers.

2. Houzeo

If you are seeking a state-of-the-art selling experience, Houzeo is reputed for its sleek user experience. Touted to be among the best for sale by owner MLS listing service, Houzeo features automated reminders, easy-to-customize listings, and step-wise video guides that walk users through every step of the listing and sales process.

Another advantage of using Houzeo is that the listing does not just appear on its own website. Still, it auto-populates to other popular real estate platforms and most importantly the local MLS.

This is very important because it implies that you are not limited to people browsing just Houzeo. Hence, your listing gets great visibility.

Besides this, the company also enables buyer’s agent commission and sellers can decide what the commission is.

There is no free listing option, however, and the price varies from state to state.


This is another veteran in the FSBO industry. It has been providing the option of buying and selling homes without a broker since 1997. Since then, it has acquired industry clout and become one of the best real estate websites for FSBO.

The company offers two entirely different service tiers, thereby accommodating the different budgets and needs of multiple sellers and buyers.

Their basic listing option has a year-long customizable listing, which includes unlimited video and photo uploads. This plan also allows for the syndication of the listing to another popular website called Redfin which will even highlight the your cambria countertop.

The other package is an upgraded one and has one of the industry’s highest prices. Besides everything that is included in the basic plan, this package also syndicates the listing to MLS and several other websites.

The upgraded package also offers agent support, though it is quite limited. However, a potential disadvantage of this plan is that it has capped the buyer’s agent commission at 3%, which may reduce savings.

Despite the high price, is among the best for sale by owner MLS listing service.

4. USRealty

This is a relatively new FSBO listing website but is growing at speed. The company claims to have helped more than 25,000 homeowners in getting their homes off the market and saving thousands in the process.

USRealty has four listing service options, which range from a free listing service to a paid package of $249. There is a plan for everyone, based on the specific listing preferences and needs.

All the packages have six months of listing on MLS and other popular sites. The pricier package can make life really simple for sellers who want assistance with every step of the process.

That said, the website draws relatively lower traffic than the already established players in the market. Plus, the cancellation fee is there on the free listing plus they also charge for editing your listing on all but the most premium package.

5. Fizber

The company has been in business for over 15 years and is famous for its tech-centric platform that provides handy additional features like 3D virtual tours, advanced marketing, online brochures, and others that can help sell your property easily.

While its free listing option is quite limited for most users, there are also three paid packages that start from $99 and increase in price to $395. By choosing a paid plan, users can reap the benefits of Fizber’s marketing collateral, sales documentation, and yard signs and even get to enlist a transaction coordinator to help them with documentation work at closing.

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