Providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown living with their clean and spacious interiors, big sunny windows or Costco HVAC systems, comfortable and relaxing aesthetics, it’s clear why people like beach houses. There’s nothing not to like about beach style homes really. Who doesn’t want to wake up to the soothing sounds of crashing waves accompanied by fresh aquatic winds? Not to mention the blush pink swirls of clouds you get to see every day when the sun rises and goes down to sleep.

If living by the coast is your lifelong dream which seems impossible to achieve, let me ask you something. Have you considered all your options? To be precise, have you considered modular beach house builders? Thanks to constant technological advancement and innovation, these companies can bring your beach house dreams to life without depleting you of your life savings or time. Without further ado, let’s see what prefabricated beach homes have to offer.

What Are the Perks of Modular Construction?


In the past, prefabs were considered the most undesirable housing solution, especially for the harsh coastal conditions. It’s clear why, no one wanted to spend their holiday in something that was everything but attractive, durable or comfortable. But my oh my how things have changed. The modern beach house design solutions offered on the market are nothing like those dreaded shacks from the past. Not only that they look stunningly beautiful, but they also offer a plethora of benefits that you shouldn’t sleep on.

Luxury Coastal Living on a Budget

First things first, modular construction is the most affordable way to build. Since these houses are mass-produced in a factory, modular beach house builders can pass their savings to you. Moreover, some companies can build your dream beach house backwards from your budget meaning they’ll make the most out of your financial constraints. Having a fixed-cost contract like this ensures that there won’t be any hidden or unexpected costs to throw you the most unpleasant surprise of them all.

Greater Flexibility


Thanks to their flexibility, modular beach style homes can be built literally anywhere, (provided that you have a building permit). With most of the work being done off-site, these houses can be installed on your chosen location and even moved to another, if such a need arises. What’s more, modular beach homes also have flexible floor plans. If you want to add an extra room or storey in the future, you can add modules to keep your beach home in step with your needs.

Quick Built Times


If you want a beach house and you want it now, modular construction might be the right choice for you. Do you know that modular house builders have built complex multi-residential units in just under 4 months? Imagine how quick to built would a family beach house be. Some of the modular construction companies Australian residents turn to can have your beach home built and installed in just 12 weeks.


Exceptional Durability

Don’t be fooled by the fast build times, coastal prefabs aren’t constructed in a hurry with little regard to durability. As a matter of fact, these beach houses are built and installed with harsh coastal conditions in mind. Not only that they can withstand hurricane-strength winds, but they can also bravely stand against the test of seismic activities.



With modular construction, running a beach house doesn’t cost a fortune anymore. These beach-style homes are incredibly energy-efficient cutting your electricity bills in half and not by installing a heat lamp in the bathroom. Thanks to the passive design principles used in modular construction, these homes make the most out of your location, orientation, layout and insulation to optimize energy consumption. If you want to run a self-sufficient home, you can also power up your home with solar energy and reduce your monthly costs even further.

Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness


Since modular beach homes are built off-site and aren’t electricity-hungry, they pose little to no threat to the environment. Not to mention that they’re built from safe and recyclable materials that can be repurposed if you decide to renovate, re-build or move and take the house with you. This eliminates the need for demolition which is a major contributor to landfill waste.

What Makes a Good Prefab Beach House?


Although prefab beach homes are jam-packed with perks, it would be a lie to say that all of them are created equal. A modern beach house design should suit both your needs and the coastal environment. If you want your modular house to be a worthy investment, it should have the following elements.

Good Sound Insulation


Yes, waking up to the crashing waves is great and all, but good luck waking up with a smile on your face when a bunch of squeaky gulls decide to quarrel first thing in the morning. Having good sound insulation is critical to finding peace of mind in your beach house, so keep this thing in mind when choosing your dream home.

Plenty of Space


What do all beautiful beach houses have in common? They’re spacious, open, inviting… or simply put, they breathe. Yes, opting for a small cosy shack on the beach might seem like a romantic idea, but what if you fall in love with a lovely piece of coastal furniture and you don’t have the space for it? What if you decide to have guests over? Keep in mind that small modular cabins don’t offer the same comfort and functionality as spacious prefabs.

Plenty of Daylight

Having big windows will allow you to soak in the sun even when you’re chilling inside while enjoying amazing views from the sofa. Natural daylight plays a huge role in beach homes, but not all of them optimize this important element. If you’re worried about privacy, you can always strategically place some greenery outside or cover your windows with sheer curtains that’ll prevent unwanted eyes from looking in yet allow plenty of daylight to reach inside your space.

Easy to Clean & Durable Flooring


Sand and water can cause expensive damage to your floors, so you should choose your flooring wisely. While hardwood floors may look the best, that doesn’t mean they’re best suited for your coastal home. If the company allows you to customize your flooring solution, opt for durable, yet easy to clean floors such as luxury vinyl tile instead. Not only that they look as good as the real deal, but they’re more affordable too.

With that being said, you can now head out to the beach to see some of the modular lovelies that grace Australia’s coastline and get inspired.

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