Glass mosaic tiles have long been used in residential design, creating glamorous and elegant spaces that come to life with a blend of rich colour and texture. Offering a highly durable, flexible and stylish design solution, glass mosaic feature tiles can be used both in and out of the home to add a luxurious touch to any space, from the bathroom unless you have a heat lamp or kitchen to your outdoor pool area.

Epoxy Grout for Glass Mosaic Tiles

It is usually recommended that these tiles be paired with a specialised epoxy grout in place of traditional cement based grout products. As there is much more grout being used when laying mosaic tiles due to their smaller size, cleaning and maintaining grout can become a concern. Epoxy grout does away with this issue as the product creates a water resistant and non-porous finish between your mosaic tiles that assists in the prevention of built-up grime and dirt. The grout is incredibly simple to clean and maintain as any surface dirt simple glides off with a gentle wipe or rinse of the tiled surface. Epoxy grout and glass mosaic tiles work hand in hand to create the ultimate in easy to clean surface finishes for every area of the home!

Glass Mosaic Tiles for the Bathroom

A home’s bathroom design scheme will most often include a range of floor and wall tile options. Glass mosaic tiles can be used in the bathroom in a range of different ways, from creating stunning glass mosaic tile patterns in your bathroom’s flooring to a stylish feature wall piece in the shower or behind a freestanding bathtub for maximum impact.

Caption: Enamelled glass mosaic tiles can be used to create a stunning feature flooring in the bathroom that is exceptionally simple to clean and maintain. When paired with an epoxy grout, glass mosaic floor tiles will only require a simple mop to keep them looking their best. Epoxy grouts form a water and stain resistant barrier that assists in preventing the build-up of dirt and grime, making for a sleek and smooth surface finish.

A popular mosaic option for the bathroom floor is enamelled glass. Enamelled glass tiles are tougher than simple glass tile options which are often more decorative and better suited for use as a wall tile only. Enamelled glass tiles are coated in vitreous enamel and then baked at extreme temperatures in a kiln to form a strong and durable product that is non-porous and resistant to staining. These qualities ensure that enamelled glass mosaic feature tiles can be used to create an exceptionally low maintenance flooring solution in the bathroom so you don’t have to worry about toilet swirling.

Kitchen Glass Tile Splashbacks

Mosaic tiles can be used to create a luxurious and timeless splashback feature in the kitchen that will once again provide a simple to maintain surface finish, a plus in any home’s kitchen! Using glass tile splashback options provides a modern alternative finish to the traditional flat coloured glass splashbacks that are slowly becoming outdated in the world of interior design in favour of more durable options.

Aside from using mosaic tiles as a kitchen splashback, you can carry the look throughout your kitchen and dining space to create a strong sense of continuity. Use matching mosaic tiles to adorn the face of your kitchen island, create a feature wall in the dining area or add a touch of charm to your decorative accessories by using matching mosaic tiles to create a theme in the room; decorate trays or vases with the same tiles as your new kitchen splashback for a luscious and charming handmade piece that can be used on your dining table as a stylish decorative touch!

Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice for indoor or outdoor pools as well as spas thanks to their sleek and durable surface that can easily withstand not only being exposed to the elements in outdoor applications, but can also hold up against the chemicals that are used to keep pool water clean and hygienic.

Caption: Glass mosaic tiles are the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a tile for your indoor or outdoor pool. With an endless range of colour options to choose from, you have the creative freedom of selecting a completely custom colour to create your own unique look!

Glass mosaic pool tiles can be used throughout the entire pool and unlike large format tiles, they offer the flexibility of being able to be laid in any nook and cranny, from curved surfaces to smaller, intricate applications. Glass pool tiles are available in a vast range of colour options, allowing you to select from an endless selection for a completely custom experience. These small format tiles can even be used to create exciting murals and patterns, further enhancing your ability to customise your new pool to your own personal creative style.

Glass Mosaic Feature Tiles in the Living Area & Bedrooms

Rising in popularity in the world of interior design, using glass mosaic feature tiles in areas outside the kitchen or bathroom can create a stunning visual in your next design project. As these luscious tiles are available in such a wide range of colours, you have the ultimate in creative freedom to put together that perfect personal touch in your home. Tiles can be used as a feature wall option in spaces such as the living area or bedroom for a glamorous touch that will not require replacing as readily as feature wallpapers, where humidity and moisture can often be a concern. Tiles will provide a surface finish that is exceptionally simple to clean and maintain, making it an excellent choice for all areas of the home.

Glass mosaic wall tiles can be used in either solid colours or in cascading blends of colour for a stylish and timeless look in the home. Tiles make for the perfect feature element in any space, from the kitchen and bathroom to living spaces and bedrooms.

Being an exceptionally low maintenance wall or floor finish, glass mosaic tiles can be used in just about any area of the home to add a glamorous touch to your design scheme, from interior spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom to outdoor designs such as pools and alfresco spaces for a colourful and dramatic touch.

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