Founded in 1909, Mastercraft is a known subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber. It is founded as a company with many premium products to deliver to tire dealers all around North America.

More so, Mastercraft has quality tire products that have led to its success all around the globe. The tires of Mastercraft are engineered and designed to deliver brilliant mileage, functionality, and long life to the tire.

Mastercraft – Master the Road

Mastercraft is a known and highly rated tire dealer, and everyone trusts them because of their success in tire products. The Mastercraft tires are primarily used in cars and trucks to provide an actual mileage and reasonable control grip on the road that is the essential thing in tires.

It also makes tires whose performance is considered best among every other variety of tires. Mastercraft is one of the most famous tire dealers, especially in North America, and now it is expanding its business slowly across the globe.

Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft tires

Different types of Mastercraft tires are primarily in use. Mainly, people select a particular type of tire according to the use of their vehicle. Not every tire fits on your vehicle and gives good results.

It always depends on the type of vehicle you are using and the vehicle’s use in different scenarios. Now, we will take a look at the different types of tires that Mastercraft produces.

  1. Passenger Car Tires – These tires are the most basic ones used in almost every other vehicle. As the passenger vehicle does not have to take solid mileage, the passenger car tires are the best-suited tires.
  2. Crossover Tires – The other type of tires are the Crossover tires mainly used in large-sized vehicles to offer excellent mileage and firm grip on the road as they contain many heavy items inside them.
  3. Light Truck Tires – These tires are specifically built by keeping the use of pickup trucks in mind. Primarily, these vehicles are used for small vehicles’ pickup and many other valuable items that are heavy. This is why the truck tires are built so that they could provide an excellent grip to the vehicle and actual mileage.
  4. Commercial Tires – These tires are mainly used for professional uses and for carrying not-so-heavy items. So, the commercial tires provide good quality and long life to the tires as light is used.

Mastercraft has brilliant excellence that is known as “The Cooper Way.” Cooper Way helps to succeed and provides good support to the customers. When one subsidiary operates under the Cooper Way, it leads to its success.

Many Cooper-produced tires are sold worldwide, and a giant portion of it contributes to the Mastercraft tires.

Cooper Way has extended its way to many parts of America, and it is still expanding along with Mastercraft that has also made its way to the Cooper Way, and now they are leading the tire industries.


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