Mastercraft doors is a product of Midwest Manufacturing Incorporation. They are one of the largest manufacturers of building materials. Mastercraft is a brand designed to build unique doors for both interior and exterior needs.

Midwest Manufacturing Inc. is in business for more than 40 years, and they have a team of people working passionately towards creating things that can open and close. Wood, fiberglass, or steel, you name it, and they have it.

They genuinely believe in making lives easier for the people of America. That is why sometimes Mastercraft doors are also referred to as “Make in America” themed doors.

But recently, there has been a hot controversy going on whether Menards own Mastercraft doors. Do you also have this question in mind?

Who are Menards?

Menards is a family-owned business that is running since 1958. It is a company that owns more than 300 home improvement stores with the headquarter located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They are known for two things – one is for their famous slogan – Save BIG Money!

They also use this as a coupon code to motivate customers to sign up and avail themselves of the discount. Second is the level of focus they put in providing high-quality customer service.

They claim that their customers feel at home when shopping for hardware needs in the stores. Well-stocked and highly maintained stores are another quality they give credit to for the success they own today.

Midwest Manufacturing, Nail paint, and real estate are affiliated websites linked to Menards, and affiliated does not mean ownership.

Menards has many high-quality in-house home improvement brands, and one of them is Mastercraft doors claims their about us page.

So does this mean Menards own Mastercraft doors?

What Does Midwest Manufacturing Inc. Say About This?

We do not know for sure because there is another story that we discovered from Midwest’s about us page. As a company, they say that they manufacture steel roofing and siding. They have also created products under different brand names like Mastercraft for interior and exterior doors.

UltraDeck is the brand for fencing, treated lumber, and engineered roofs. On the same lines, Concrete Block is designed to enhance the experience of outdoor living. With continuous efforts and providing reliable products and services at a great price, Midwest has come too far.

But the question remains the same, are Mastercraft doors owned by Menards? Midwest only says that all their products are available for purchase at What can we conclude from this?

Well, I think only John Menard (President of Midwest Manufacturing) can make it straightforward for us. But jokes apart, two vague claims are creating a fuss for customers. Menards claim Mastercraft as its in-house brand, and on the other hand, Midwest says that Menards is one of their most significant vendors.

The war between whether Menards own Mastercraft doors will keep on going until one of them gives a clear explanation about their formal yet questionable relationship.


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