Does Upgrading Your HVAC Unit Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Are you planning to sell your home in the future –five or ten years from now? If yes, you’ll need to go for renovation projects to ensure you get the highest possible value of your property. Major remodeling projects such as HVAC renovations add value to the property and appeal to the buyers. Hence, upgrading the HVAC unit is worth the expenditure. If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning repair company, you can rely on AHWA.

Why Is An HVAC System Upgrade Needed To Enhance The Property Value?

You’ll be able to recoup around 35-50% of the cost incurred in upgrading the HVAC system when you sell your home. Homes with well-maintained HVAC systems grab the attention of customers who are ready to offer the best price for the property.

While buyers may not notice how old or new the HVAC system is, it surely draws attention if it’s worn out or broken. However, the system may not need an upgrade, and only minor repairs can meet the needs.

So make sure to determine whether the HVAC replacement is needed or not. And if the renovation is necessary, how much value it will add to your home. Advanced technology has enhanced the system’s performance. They are effective at electricity consumption.

Top Things To Consider When Deciding On HVAC System Upgrade

Here are a few things you need to be aware of:

Location of the property

Location will help you in deciding whether air conditioning is needed for your house or not. The HVAC system doesn’t add any value to the property if it’s located in a region where cooling systems aren’t needed.

How old is the existing HVAC system

The average life of an air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. It is likely to require upgrade or replacement as the ductwork could fail to work correctly, and repairs could turn out to be expensive. Resultantly, recouping the cost may not be possible. The best option to enhance your property value would be to get it upgraded.

Broken or damaged parts

If your current HVAC system is broken and can’t be fixed, then upgrading it with the latest model will prove to be the best option.

How Much Value Does The Upgraded HVAC System Add To The Home Value?

HVAC has a considerable impact on the home value and updating it will bring a lot of benefits. In several cases. A new air conditioning system will enhance the value of a home by almost 10%. You may promote a new air conditioning system to entice the buyers whenever you consider selling your property.

When updating the HVAC system, make sure to pick a modern system while prioritizing energy efficiency. The advanced units are not only cost-effective in the long run but also contribute to saving electric bills.

Finding The Right HVAC System To Elevate Your Home Value

It’s essential to find a top-quality HVAC system that can add the highest possible value to your property. Here is a checklist for finding the best product for your purpose.

Eco-friendly: HVAC units with eco-friendly properties offer the best value for money. Plus, it will also help you in earning potential buyers.

Energy-efficient: The systems that can help save energy offer good returns as you’ll save a lot of money on saving electricity bills. Also, it will entice home buyers as they always look for cost-effective options that can help them save money.

High aesthetic appeal: Advanced HVAC systems consume less space. Hence, the homeowners need not compromise with the aesthetic appeal of their house or their aesthetic paint of your room with the system upgrade.

Ideal size: The HVAC unit’s size matters. If it’s too small, you’ll face issues maintaining the right temperature, and massive units consume both energy and space. Hence, consider the volume of your room to determine the correct size.

Replacing Or Upgrading HVAC Parts

Upgrading the HVAC system is a costly affair. Hence, you’ll most certainly look for options to avoid unnecessary expenses. In some cases where the HAC unit has a minor fault, the problem can be sorted by replacing parts of the system instead of replacing the entire unit. Listed below are the top conditions when the replacement of HVAC parts can be considered. Have a look.

Age of the unit: HVAC units that are 10-15 years old are mostly outdated. Hence, the replacement of the entire unit will prove to be the best option irrespective of its cost.

Cost of repair: Consider the age of the unit and the repair cost before deciding if it is best to replace it instead of repairing it.

Location of home: If your house is in a region where air conditioning isn’t required, replacing a few parts is ideal.

Get A Professional Opinion Before Upgrading Your Home’s HVAC System

If the HVAC system hasn’t been cooling efficiently or frequent repairs are needed, then you’ll need to upgrade the system. Get an expert’s opinion so that you can find the right solutions suitable for the air conditioning system of your property.

The primary purpose is to restore the value of your home, be it with repairs or upgrading with a new system. Also, don’t just consider the future value of your home. Upgrade the system now so that you can also benefit and enjoy the comfort.


Most of the homeowners end up making wrong improvements in their homes due to negligence or limited knowledge, and as a result, they don’t get desired results from their investments.

Fortunately, with an HVAC system upgrade, if you won’t make a big profit, you won’t end up with losses. You can make better profits when you sell your property. Also, the upgrade makes it easy to find potential buyers. It will most probably increase the price tag of your home.

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