From our early to mid-twenties, as we start changing our habitual flux, moving to new apartments, neighborhoods, cities, we also start developing our habitual taste, we start having our taste for how the place we live in should look.

We all want to enjoy our day in an elegant and cozy living room, and that is achieved through the home décor, the only thing is that everyone has a different taste. There are in fact few popular types of interior design styles, that we can talk a little about.

Starting with the Scandinavian, it’s a style that is for people looking for a simple but cozy interior, it’s key feature is the concept of hygge, a Danish term which loosely means coziness. Another style is the Hamptons style which is very popular in Australia, embracing fresh, airy palette and natural textures. White and blue are key colors in Hamptons-style interiors, together with key elements such nautical-style décor, timber floorboards and timber molding along hallways and staircases. The French Provincial style is defined by it’s washed-out color palette, mostly white and mid-tone timbers. There are others that are characterized with colorful walls, more details, but in the end it boils down to whether you want a minimalistic design or you have a luxurious taste of having multiple decorations.

No matter what kind of taste for home décor you have, there is one MUST HAVE decoration that goes well with all of them, and of course that’s the vase. Vases have become part of the standard furnishings for every home and are one of the most popular decorative items. Anyone who is furnishing their home is planning vases from the outset as a permanent decorative element, whether they will be leaving them as they are or have a beautiful bouquet of flowers in them. Decorating with vases can add elegance or charm to a room and can fill large empty spaces or corners in a decorative manner. Overall, a fine piece of furniture from Ashley deserves an elegant piece of glass.

They also draw attention to other items in the room, such as furniture or paintings. Vases magnify the beauty of flowers and leave a lasting impression to people who admire them. Decorative vases provide unexplainable elegance that adds style and grace to your home and come in various materials and craftsmanship such as glass, ceramic or metal, however there is one vase style that is catching the eye of the luxurious world, a vase that is so unique in its design and colors, of course speaking about the Murano Glass Vase.

So what is special about this type of glass you might ask. It’s not about the vase, it’s about how and of what it is made of. You see Murano is one small island in Italy, near Venice to be precise, and for centuries its people have perfected the creation of Murano glass. It’s one of Italy’s heritage goods that bring a good name to the “Made in Italy” slogan, which can only be characterized with good quality.

Murano glass, whether that be vases or something else, can ONLY be made in Murano, Italy, and its process of creation is passed from generation to generation, creating Murano glass masters son after father. There are masters only in Venice or Murano, so that’s why anything created not in that region, cannot be considered a true Murano glass.

Speaking more about the Murano Glass Vase, it’s truly one timeless and magnificent piece of art that can brighten any house, apartment or room. It can be found in many figures and colors, all carrying the spark of creativity from its creator. The true specialty about the Murano Glass Vase is in the color and shape, the color is gotten by mixing different minerals into the glass mix, and it’s also common to put some gold or silver particles into the mix to give it that special look. The shape is one of a kind from vase to vase, this is due to being hand crafted, not moulded in machines to mass produce it, but each vase is given the love of touch by its master that created it. That’s why they are all perfectly imperfect, they are all a little bit different, but identically special.

There are many techniques for creating Murano Glass figures and vases, each technique has a different dominant color and is suitable for a different kind of an interior. All of these techniques use tools dating from the middle ages that have barely changed, so with each one of them the product created will bring a true Italian culture and heritage into your home.

So, let’s speak Murano Glass techniques that might correspond with your home décor style. If you are into a minimalistic design, then it’s probably something not that colorful that you are searching for, such as a black or a plain vase. There is one specific technique that we adore, because it’s giving a luxury structure on the design, and that is the Battuto. It’s a process which name means struck or beaten, and as its name, that is how it looks. Masters use a grinding tool to make this glass look like a fish scale or to give the hammered metal effect. Thus a black vase with this structure is truly a work of art, could go anywhere in the room and it’s guaranteed to catch the eye of all your guests. Such an example of a vase created with the design of what looks like a hammered metal is the magnificent Ginestra vase.

On the other side, if you have a décor style that brings the playful and colorful vibe, then the vases created with the Doublè technique are perfect for your home. It’s a technique that produces golden or silver decorations inside the glass. It requires putting multiple layers, meaning engraving the decoration on the initial glass, putting gold or silver on it, and then another layer of transparent glass is put on top of the decoration. One good example is the chic Flaminia vase.

There are many more techniques that are used to create glamorous vases and other Murano Glass figures, so we would recommend you to go to an official Murano glass store in Venice or a genuine web-store, such as, and look at all the creations.

Chloe Miller

Chloe Miller, with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design, has been an expert in home decor and design trends for 15 years. She joined our website in 2021, offering her expertise in space optimization, color schemes, and sustainable decor. Chloe’s prior experience includes working with interior design firms and as a freelance consultant. She is a DIY enthusiast and enjoys upcycling furniture in her spare time.

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