Fireplaces, also known as chimneys can instantly add a charming look to the house. Apart from providing warmth and ventilation, these brick chimneys are usually a source of gathering together for a bonfire in winter.

And since there has been an unusual boom in the building of houses with chimneys, a lot of buyers want to know, “how long does a brick chimney last?”. It has now become a basic component to check for before renting or buying the house in the USA and UK.

Just like any other home maintenance product, it is certainly very important to keep up with the regular chimney maintenance. With the help of this guide, you will learn how long a brick chimney lasts and when you must get it rebuilt.

Brick Chimney & Its Basic Functions

A brick chimney is also often referred to as a masonry chimney as it needs to be constructed right on-site. You cannot ship or purchase it, and it needs to be constructed right on the house that needs the right ventilation. You can understand it as a brick connection to a fireplace that allows smoke to pass through and leave into air.

Like any other chimneys for factories, a brick chimney is responsible to carry out smoke and gas out of home. Masonry chimneys or brick chimneys are usually made up of bricks, stones, mortar, and blocks.

Before getting a brick chimney built, check out the best chimney repair service in your town. You can avail best chimney repair, and maintenance service, get new fireplaces and stoves built.

How Long Does a Brick Chimney Last

If you have recently moved into your home, you must be hoping that you won’t have to deal with chimney rebuilding for quite a long time. Well, if you have given proper care and maintenance to your chimney, then you can surely expect them to go a long way.

This question must be running in your mind: how long does a brick chimney rebuild last?

Well, either it’s a rebuild or a newly built one, there are a number of factors that heavily influence chimney life. A well-cared, maintained, and older chimney can easily outcast the newer and neglected chimney.

But let’s talk for the sake of argument, if you have done everything right, your brick chimney may last 50,70, or even 100 years!

Yes, you heard this right. The life of a brick chimney is directly equal to the life of your home.

But here is the thing, chimneys are not usually cared for throughout their lifetime and thus, they need quick repair and maintenance. Here, a good chimney masonry repairs company would help you evaluate the state of your chimney. Check out the factors jotted down below that can impact the duration of chimney’s lifespan.

  1. Waterproofing is the most essential component for your brick chimney. If your chimney is waterproofed over time, it will eventually last longer. Since brick is a strong and long-lasting material, you need to make sure that moisture must not penetrate it, or else it will break it down.
  2. Location is another important factor that impacts the lifespan of a chimney. If the chimney is located in the middle of the house, it will last longer than a chimney that runs up the side of the house.
  3. You must not forget the chimney cap. It helps in keeping out the debris and rain and further prevents the bricks from decaying.

All the mentioned factors collectively impact the entire health of brick chimneys.

Now, moving forward to another important question that might be running in your mind; how long does water repellent last on a brick chimney?

Well, quite often such sealer is primarily used to seal the mortar joints in masonry chimneys; however, it needs to be applied to the entire surface of the chimney. At this point, you need to use extremely powerful water repellents. Great water repellents for brick chimneys usually last for approximately ten years or more!

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Wrapping Up!

So here are some words on the most asked question, how long does a brick chimney last. A well-cared and maintained brick chimney can last the lifetime of your house and longer. But their longevity certainly depends on so many factors that were shared above. From structural to elemental change or brick chimney, there are so many factors with which you will have to keep up once you move into your new home – however, most chimneys end up needing one!

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