Over the years, quartz has turned out to be one of the most sought-after stones for both exterior and interior designs. Considering its aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility, homeowners often get these Cambria quartz countertops installed and now the fireplaces are also becoming popular.

However, some people still ponder regarding the safety and viability of integrating this stone into something as crucial as their fireplace. Although you have other options like granite, quartz offers you some of the best attributes that mitigate both risks and costs.

Every homeowner intends to turn their living room into an elegant space with a beautifully designed fireplace. Quartz fireplaces are popular as they can significantly elevate the visual appeal of the place. A modern, crisp, and upgraded design can give a facelift to your living room. You can enjoy the ambiance with your loved ones around. With a quartz focal point, you can also go about your home renovation.

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What Makes Quartz The Best Stone For Your Fireplace?

For most households, the fireplace holds significant value. This is where your family members would enjoy the company of one another, keeping themselves warm. Traditionally, people have invested significantly to personalize their fireplaces. With sophisticated and durable stones like quartz gaining popularity, fresh trends have silently crept into the industry.

Apart from the sophisticated looks that a quartz fireplace can deliver to your home, you would also appreciate its durability, heat resistance, and low maintenance. A beautiful and sleek finish can elevate the looks of your fireplace for years to come. Besides, you have several modern designs to choose from.

Here are the prime attributes of quartz that make it the ideal stone for your fireplace.


Quartz stone is composed of around 7% resin and as much as 93% quartz. This makes it a highly durable material. Quartz fireplaces are resistant to denting, scuffing, burning, staining, and cracking. Besides, the tremendous heat resistance of the material makes it ideal to be used around your fireplace. Quartz fireplaces last long and can withstand high temperatures. Moreover, the design and pattern you opt for don’t wear off with the efflux of time.

While integrating a quartz fireplace, make sure that the area does not remain directly exposed to sunlight. The UV rays pouring in through your windows may discolor the stone.

Low maintenance

Remember, you need to consider the recurring maintenance costs when you choose the stone for your fireplace. Unlike most other stones, quartz does not require resealing. You can easily maintain it over the years at minimum costs. Being an engineered stone, you would be able to reap the value of your investment for a long time to come.

It is relatively easy to maintain quartz fireplaces. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or solvents while cleaning the fireplace. Otherwise, it may lose its sheen and sustain damage. Simply use warm water and a light soap to clean up the stone. Do not use any dyes or markers to prevent the surface from getting discolored.

Personalized Style

As an engineered stone, quartz comes in an extensive range of colors, designs, and styles. This makes it easy to customize your fireplace according to your taste and preferences. With a broader range of options available, you can seamlessly integrate the design that blends into your interiors.

Using quartz around your fireplace can significantly enhance the space and style. Modern finishes look classy when integrated with quartz. You can infuse a contemporary look into your room. With quartz fireplaces, the aesthetic appeal in your interiors would become more evident. Most households want their fireplace mantle to look elegant. A quartz mantlepiece can boost the visual appeal of your home.

Whether you just want the design for your fireplace hearth, shelves, or floor-to-ceiling applications, you have the liberty to use these quartz stones for more than one purpose.

Heat Resistance

Quartz is extremely heat resistant. The combination of quartz and resin can be ideal for temperatures as high as 150 degrees. This makes it a perfect solution for the ambient heat that your fireplace would be generating. It goes well with both natural log fireplaces and gas fireplaces. Considering this high resistance to heat, quartz continues to be a great choice as a fireplace stone.

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other fireplace stones, quartz is relatively expensive. This is natural, considering its enhanced looks and high durability. However, you would be making significant savings on maintenance costs over the years. This makes quartz a cost-effective solution for your fireplace in the long run.

Depending on the design and quality of the stone, you need to shell out $50-$200 per square foot for the installation. The experience and professionalism of the installer would also have a bearing on the costs. Apart from the actual cost of the quartz stone, you also need to consider some other aspects, such as

  • Leveling
  • Seam joining
  • Adding supports
  • Fabrication

Why Do Homeowners Use Quartz For Fireplaces?

Although other materials such as marble, granite, and limestone are available, none can match the versatility of quartz. Although the initial cost of installing a quartz fireplace seems high, you would draw significant benefits over the years.

You would rarely come across materials that offer the same degree of robustness and visual appeal as quartz stone. Moreover, you have a more significant number of customization options with quartz fireplaces. No wonder an increasing number of households are inclined towards quartz as the right material for their fireplaces.


Your fireplace hearth happens to be one of the most personalized installations in your living room along with the Lennox furnace HVAC system. Often, households associate their stature and aristocracy with the elegance of their fireplaces. This is where you would entertain your visitors or spend quality time with your family members. Rather than making a wild decision, it’s advisable to seek professional advice regarding the right quality and finish of the stone. Get the right kind of design and style to suit your living room and elevate its appearance.

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