Recently, Mastercraft launched a new boat in the NXT series named NXT22 to deliver the best performance at a very affordable price.

This new model is redesigned completely to provide better performance and features.

In this guide, we will discuss Mastercraft NXT22 along with all its features. We will also discuss the cost of Mastercraft NXT22.

Mastercraft NXT22

Mastercraft NXT22

Mastercraft NXT22 is one of the most popular boats because of its features and its ability to pull a 60-horsepower boost. It includes 23’10”, which is more extensive when compared to the previous models.

There is also a cutout present in the boat’s windshield, allowing the captain to communicate with the rider in the water quickly. You can easily use its Gen 2 Surf System along with its ultimate wave customization. 


  • It has a length of 22 feet (6.70 meters)
  • It has an Interior Width of 2.48 meters
  • Approx Weight is 4300 lb (1950 kg)
  • It has a storage space of 88 cu. ft.

Let us Discuss All Its Feature in Detail

  • It has a U-Shaped seating in the cabin, which helps provide a social area, and you can also convert the aft seat into a rear-facing bench to enjoy all the water sceneries.
  • You can also store some of your luggage under the seat, which is only possible because of the Ballast system.
  • The boat sets will never get hot, even when they are under direct sunlight because of the CoolFeel vinyl interiors.
  • The Mastercraft GEN2 Surf System is available in the NXT series, easily customized for different riders. You can easily control them using simple buttons.
  • It also has a 50-gallon water tank which lets you enjoy a full day of watersports.
  • It is effortless to operate Tower and Bimini, as the tower level is below the windshield level.


The starting price of the Mastercraft NXT22 is $69,995, excluding all the freight and prep charges.

Final Words

The Mastercraft NXT22 is a mighty boat and can also be used as a ski and wakeboard vessel.

More of that, it can mainly be used for day-cruising and watersports. It also has an affordable price, so if you are willing to purchase a boat for all kinds of fun stuff, then Mastercraft NXT22 is the perfect option for you.

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