If you are someone looking for a water beast to level up your weekend plans, you are probably doing your research on which waterboard vessel or powerboat to buy. 

If so, you must have heard about the Mastercraft NXT22 Boats and have got suggestions on buying the same. 

But deciding on such a significant investment needs a lot of time and research.


There are numerous factors to consider when you plan for a powerboat. One of the essential features to consider is the weight of a boat.

You are probably thinking, why weight? Well, weight decides the speed of your boat. The weight decides how smoothly your boat will float on the water.

When a boat moves through, it displaces its weight in the water. A heavy boat is forced to push away a more significant water volume out of its way, hence developing more water resistance.

When a heavy boat reaches its hull speed or displacement speed (the point where the bow and stern waves meet), a one-wave system develops which can trap heavy boats.

This system eventually reduces the velocity at which the boats can travel as the heavy boat has to fight the waves constantly.

Weight of Mastercraft NXT22

The Mastercraft NXT22 weighs 4200 lbs/1905 kgs with a 49 G and 185 L fuel capacity.  The weight capacity that is the total weight your boat can handle, including fuel, people, equipment, steering controls, and engine assembly, is 2312 lbs or 1049 kgs.

Knowing your boat’s capacity is quite essential as it affects all your future plannings with the boat.

The dry weight of Mastercraft NXT22 is 4213 lbs or 1911 kgs. For those of you who do not know what dry weight is, it is the lightest version of a boat.

It is the boat’s weight reported by the manufacturer without any trailer, fuel, gear, oil, options, or any people on it. Moreover, the tested weight of the boat is 5112 lbs or 2319 kgs.

Final Word

Now, you probably know about the importance of considering weight before buying a powerboat. After going through the weight specifications of the Mastercraft NXT22, it can be recommended to buy it.

Many people have trusted Mastercraft boats, and numerous good reviews and feedback can be found.

Moreover, no matter which boat you decide to buy, do not forget to look at the details and specifications. The cockpit, wake settings, aft seat, weight, and many more essential features must be considered.

A boat can serve you for many years only if you make an informed decision by keeping in mind all the product details.

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