How To Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Your Home

Affordable, durable, and removing the need to constantly mow and maintain your garden lawn almost entirely, it’s no surprise that artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular among those looking to update and renovate their outdoor spaces.

Interested in learning more about artificial grass as a modern garden upgrade in 2022? here’s a short and simple guide on some of the things to consider when choosing the best artificial grass roll for your home.

Finding the Right Style

On the surface, it might be confusing when looking at artificial grass rolls, and trying to discern some of the key differences between styles and ranges. Thickness, for instance, is an important factor to consider, depending on whether you want a neat, ‘freshly-cut’ look, or something plusher and deeper that you can sink your feet into. Colour is another important factor to consider, with many ranges featuring a variety of green shades and tones in their composition to help give them an authentic finish in the sun.

Tip – Unsure of which fake grass style might look best in your garden space? Order some free artificial grass samples and select some different styles and widths to get an in-person look and feel. Taking these outside into your garden will help you to get a clearer idea as to what the finished roll might look like once installed.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Have a pet that likes to run around and play in the garden? Provided that you choose a range that’s suitable, fake grass can be the perfect solution for your furry friend and will look great on your deck. Not only does artificial grass remove the need to use pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals in your garden, making it safer for you and your pet, but it can also help with mess, as you’ll no longer have muddy pawprints running in and out of the home.

To make sure that you’re getting the perfect, pet-friendly fake grass range, make sure that you choose a product with suitable drainage holes underneath to help making the cleaning process simple and streamlined.

Artificial Grass for Family Homes

Looking to install artificial grass in a family home with young children that love to play outside in the garden? Similar to when looking for a pet-friendly range(Wondering how to install artificial grass? checkout here), you might want to opt for a range that is more durable and long-lasting, thus able to bounce back into shape and keep their desired look for years to come. Alternatively, if you’re looking to build a children’s play area, you can also get specific coloured grass ranges, helping to keep your kids safe while adding a bold splash of colour.

Did You Know? – Fake grass and artificial turf have plenty of different uses, and can often be a great indoor solution, as well as an outdoor one. As well as being a great fit for a child’s playroom, you could even use artificial grass rolls as a creative texture for stylish indoor furnishing. Living in a restricted apartment space without a dedicated garden? Many get creative on their balcony space with fake grass, giving them somewhere to unwind and get that much-needed fresh air.

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