A clean concrete driveway provides many benefits to your property. Apart from enhancing your curb appeal, it can increase property value. It also reduces weed growth in your front as pavement takes up more space. However, to achieve a spotless and durable driveway, you need to clean and maintain it regularly.

Suppose you’re planning to clean your driveway for the first time. In that case, you may need to know the steps to carry out the cleaning process appropriately. This allows you to maximize your time, money, and effort. For that purpose, here’s a helpful guide for you. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Wash The Driveway

You may start sweeping your driveway to remove dirt, oil residue, and fallen leaves. Or you could proceed to wash the concrete with a garden hose. You may choose a suitable nozzle tip for the purpose. You may use yellow-colored nozzle tips as these are ideal for cleaning dirty concrete. Ensure that you have covered the entire driveway by evenly spraying all portions.

If you want quicker and better results, you may opt to pressure washing services in your area. If you’re in any American state like Texas, you may seek a power washing service in Austin TX and other surrounding communities. In choosing a pressure washing company, check if your options have insurance and if they’re using industry-grade products.

2. Scrub The Surface

After the initial washing, you may need to identify spots with hardened dirt. In many cases, the causes of this grime are gums, mold and mildew, and spilled oils. These are often stubborn dirt that may require rigorous cleaning. You can start with the dirtier portions to ensure that you’ve tidied up the spaces thoroughly.

You may power-wash these parts repeatedly until the dirt has softened. Then, you can repeatedly scrub these portions until the dirt has peeled off. You may use a broom with stiff bristles or a scrub brush. In scrubbing these parts, ensure that you’re brushing them deep enough to remove the dirt but not strong enough to scrape much of the concrete.

3. Remove The Stains

In removing the stains, try to clean first the fresher ones from the Quartz countertop. These are easier to remove and you may only need a pressure washer or a garden hose to wash them off. You may need to use some household cleaners for more stubborn stains, such as a degreaser for oil stains.

In addition, you may use a paint stripper and a solvent for spilled paints. You may use a concrete cleaner or its variations. For a rust-caused discoloration. You may maximize this step by alternately power-washing and scrubbing the stained surfaces for better stain removal.

4. Soak Your Driveway With Cleaning Solutions

If the dirt and stains are too stubborn to get rid of, you may need to soak them in a solution. You may mix one-quarter bleach with one gallon of hot water. Apart from the bleach solution, you can use a mixture of two parts of vinegar and two parts of water. You may add a drop or two of liquid detergent for better cleaning.

You may use a spray bottle to spray the surfaces evenly. Let the solution sit for around 30 minutes to ensure that the dirt and stains have been soaked thoroughly. After the half-hour mark, you could proceed to wash the surfaces for another round.

5. Rinse The Concrete Thoroughly

Rinsing the driveway is necessary to optimize the cleaning. In some cases, the chemicals used may leave a slippery film if the surfaces aren’t rinsed well. To avoid this, you may need a proper post-soaking wash. You may need to pressure-wash the driveway using the less pressurized nozzle tips for effective rinsing.

6. Seal The Driveway Properly

If the concrete driveway has no damage, you may consider applying a sealant to make the surface more durable against scratches and other damage. This way, your driveway may stand more mold growth, stains, and natural wear and tear. Plus, sealing may give a better finish to the surface.

7. Do The Final Touches

Sweeping outdoor. Cleaning the driveway, stone paving with a broom, a sweeper. Cleanup works around the house on a sunny day.

If you’re done cleaning the driveway, you can check the surfaces for possible damage. In some cases, the concrete already has cracks and gaps even before cleaning. It could aggravate the pre-existing concrete issues if not addressed immediately. To avoid these, you may need to patch them suitably.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your concrete driveway can be an exhaustive process. Yet, it’s vital to ensure that it remains clean and durable for a long time. Additionally, it also increases selling value and improves curb appeal. Suppose you’re cleaning your driveway anytime soon. In that case, you may go back to the post above and sift through the insights you may use.

You may ask seasoned concrete cleaners or your friends about their best driveway cleaning practices as well. Further, you can resort to reading blogs or watching tutorials about concrete cleaning for some contemporary options.

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