Are you thinking of converting your unused attic into a usable living area? A DIY attic remodel is a terrific option to expand your house without having to spend money on a full home addition, whether you need an extra bedroom, office, or playroom.

Learn how to turn your area from bare ceilings to a completed area by using this tutorial.

How to Finish an Attic: Things to Consider

Verify That Your Attic Complies With Local Building Regulations

It is necessary to adhere to the same building regulations when turning an attic into a living area. This is the majority of building codes your attic should comply with the following:

  • the core of the room must have a minimum of 7 feet of upright clearance, be at least 7 feet wide, and have a minimum of 70 square feet of area available.
  • it has to be reachable by a broad stairway.
  • it is necessary that it has a second exit available in case of emergency; often, a window that is simple to get to.

Before you can utilize your attic for anything other than storage, you must build a permanent staircase if it can only be accessed by a pull-down staircase or a ladder.

Pro tip: If the majority of your attic’s ceiling is less than 7 feet in height, you can have a dormer built by a professional to raise the elevation of the space.

Check if a Building Permit Is Required

To find out if you require permits for your attic conversion, get in touch with your neighborhood permitting office. Typically, a permit is only required if you are installing power lines or ventilation or if you intend to change the construction of your home, such as by demolishing a wall or building a dormer.

Take Your Ventilation and Heating Needs Into Account

Check if your existing HVAC system can accommodate an additional room if your attic does not actually contain ductwork. Hire a professional to assess the efficiency of your existing cooling and heating system and determine whether more ductwork may be installed to reach your attic. Baseboard heating and mini-split systems are other options if expanding your ducting or HVAC capacity is out of your price range.

In order to ensure air can travel behind insulating you will put to finish your attic, have the contractor also look for or place rafter vents and keep them away from your composite ultradecks. Even when the attic is hot, rafter valves will keep the roof cool.

Know the Price of Finishing an Attic

The components of your project will determine how much an attic renovation will cost. Depending on the scale of the attic, you should budget about $5,000 for materials like drywall, insulation, and carpeting if you plan to repair your attic yourself.

If your rooftop is sustained by trusses, your attic generally will not have enough area for a room to be built. In order to produce the area and ceiling height necessary for building requirements, the trusses would need to be moved. An architect, engineer, and a large financial commitment would be needed for this.

We Present You the Perfect Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in the Attic

The attic has much more potential for the design than it seems at the first glance. The attic does not have to be a dusty place where you leave things that you will never use again, a place where you hardly go – and that always with some trepidation. It is no wonder that there are many fictional stories about ghosts inhabiting the attic.

In fact, the attic can be the most comfortable place in the whole house, a tucked-away space that you will not want to leave, where you will love to sleep, read, put a wager on your smartphone on betting sites in Malawi while getting comfortable in an armchair, or watch the stars through the window. Maybe it is down to the drop ceiling that gives off such a relaxed atmosphere. And if you do not want the attic to be your bedroom, you can make a real ’little nest’ out of it for your enjoyment.

We have several ideas on how you can design and decorate your attic so that it becomes your favorite room in the house.

Window Position

A window is what gives openness to any room, and if it is not well-positioned, not enough light will enter the room. In many regions, the attic is generally made to be dark, but it does not have to be that way at all. Therefore, if you want to transform your attic, it is possible that you will need technical work, i.e. window extension.

The light that falls from above illuminates the room best and represents the highest quality type of light. There is nothing better than to welcome the morning with a view of the clear sky.

Wooden Attic

Whatever room you put wooden elements in, it will look warmer. And just imagine how beautiful it will look when the entire attic is completely wooden. If it is not completely covered with wood, then at least the floors and wooden beams on the ceiling should be present. Rooms with wood exude style and you can easily combine them with various other colors. You can also use wooden beams to save space, by hammering nails into them and hanging objects. A great idea is a hanging swing.

Wooden attic spaces can look great even when they are small. Maybe you can try a mountain style of construction, which gives off a stone wall and wooden beams. The look can be completed with antique but preserved furniture. The window is definitely one of the most important factors for a beautifully decorated attic.

Every Corner Can Be Used

Lofts usually do not have a large area, and additional space is lost due to the narrowing of the roof. If you use the space wisely, this will not be a problem for you. In fact, why would not this be the right time to express your creativity in saving space?

It is very likely that you will not have room for a wardrobe in the attic because they are quite bulky. That is why you can stack your clothes in the way that the hanger follows the line of the sloping wall.

A Minimalist Bedroom

In order for your attic to become a bedroom, it only needs a bed and a bedside table. This minimalistic design can even help you relax more before going to sleep because there will not be many things to distract you.

The attic should be your corner, a place of creativity and joy, where you go to rest and forget about all your obligations. No other room will be able to have such a tucked-away cozy vibe.

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