Moving into a new house in Luxembourg is exciting as well as challenging since many people are already moving out. Starting from finding the perfect home to managing a host of relocation-related responsibilities, you have to face a lot of challenges to ensure that your new home doesn’t have any unexpected problems like a toilet that swirls but doesn’t flush.

Deep cleaning your new home is an important way to find and eliminate these before you bring in your belongings. The task of deep cleaning your new house will become less stressful once you know what to do when you start, especially if you take help from professional cleaning services in Luxembourg such as Homeluxy to assist you. Keep reading to know all about in-depth cleaning.

Why In-Depth Cleaning?

A house may appear clean, but once you start living there, dust and debris may appear, especially if the home was just built. In-depth cleaning allows you to sanitize and clean the place you’re moving into and get to know it. Deep cleaning can also make your appliances last longer. Deep cleaning addresses all areas in the house, giving you peace of mind

How Much to Clean

What degree of cleaning do you want to do before moving into your new home? The following is a list of different cleaning services provided by professionals in Luxembourg.

In-Depth Cleaning

In-depth cleaning or deep cleaning is more intensive than regular cleaning. The cleaning process goes even further to remove dirt, grime, soap scum, and other gunk. It involves paying attention to those hard-to-reach and often overlooked places. This is why deep cleaning usually takes longer. Deep cleaning makes your home more livable, clean, sanitized and you can also get a fresh coat of paint for a new look.

It isn’t always necessary to deep clean. It’s usually a service you get for a specific reason (e.g. moving in or out). When you hire a cleaning company for the first time, most of them require a deep clean. You can then schedule regular cleanings. Regular cleaning and deep cleaning differ in that deep cleaning is generally more expensive than regular cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the most basic form of cleaning. It is scheduled every week to keep your home clean all year long. A regular cleaning service takes less time and costs less than a deep clean. This service usually includes tidying up your spaces, cleaning floors, wiping surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, taking out the trash, and dusting.

Get in touch with the pros if you’re interested in learning more about regular vs deep cleaning. Located in Luxemburg, Homeluxy offers a wide range of cleaning services, including both regular and deep cleaning.

Moving Out Cleaning

A move-out cleaning may be part of a lease or sale agreement. You might need to do this when you leave a rental property to protect your security deposit. Move-out cleaning service in Luxembourg typically entails thoroughly cleaning the entire space. Additionally, cabinets and drawers, countertops, and appliances need to be deep cleaned.

Doors are spot-cleaned, and everything is dusted. Surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with heavy foot traffic are sanitized. The move-out clean can take several hours, depending on the size of the space and how clean it was initially. Rather than doing your move-out cleaning yourself, hire a professional cleaning service provider and let them do it for you.

How to Clean

After you’ve figured out your cleaning schedule, it’s time to get started. Using experts’ opinions as a guide, we came up with these tips for a clean home in no time. Here they are:

  • Look for hidden dirt spots (e.g. behind kitchen appliances) and mark them on paper before you begin cleaning.
  • Decide which areas to clean first and adjust the schedule accordingly.
  • Ensure that all the tools and cleaning products you need are within reach. That way, you won’t have to walk back and forth to the cabinet under the sink.
  • Begin by cleaning ceilings and light fixtures, move down, and finish by cleaning the floor (from top to bottom) in each room. Cleaning from the left side to the right, on the other hand, ensures that you cover the entire room rather than darting from place to place.
  • Clean the dirtiest areas first (e.g. dust vents, bathroom and kitchen).
  • Be thorough with each step, as you won’t have another opportunity without furniture in the way.
  • You should explore all the ways to avoid mishaps and to ensure safety for yourself, your helpers, and your belongings.
  • Look for a local company (e.g. Homeluxy in Luxembourg) and ensure that they are licensed, insured, and bonded. This way, you won’t have to worry about possible injuries or property damage.

The general plan for areas to clean first and adjust the schedule according to your needs is:

  • Start your move-in cleaning in the bathrooms. During the move-out and the move-in, it was likely used, so cleaning it first seems logical.
  • Kitchen cleaning before shifting completely is very important since there might be odors trapped, and it is essential to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
  • Bedrooms and hallways will be easier to clean, but you should still pay attention to spots that need extra cleaning. Don’t forget to clean ceiling fans or light fixtures that may have been neglected.
  • Since there won’t be any additional hassle of moving furniture in and out of the house, this is a great opportunity for professional floor cleaning.
  • It is possible to not be as thorough on the later blinds if you try to clean them all in one day. Do not clean more than two windows (or one room) a day. Use a fabric refresher to neutralize any odors after washing and vacuuming curtains.
  • With the ongoing pandemic, you will also need to make sure your new home is adequately disinfected. You should keep in mind that “cleaning” is not the same as “disinfecting,” which involves using chemical agents to kill germs. Unless you have a clean surface, disinfecting won’t help.

The Bottom Line

As exciting as it is to move into a new home, enthusiasm can quickly fade if you keep finding dust, spider webs, grime, and other debris. It is best to have a deep clean before moving into your new house to avoid this situation. The tips and tricks presented above are used by professional cleaning services in Luxembourg. Book a cleaning service and take the stress out of cleaning.

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