A garage door has many components and it is not as easy as maintaining a regular mastercraft door that work together to lift and lower it, whether it is an overhead door or moves side to side. But when there is a malfunction with any of the parts, then it could lead to further problems if not fixed right away. Troubleshooting common garage door problems is easy by doing a few simple tests or conducting a visual inspection of the garage door itself. Here are a few tips and things to look out for to know when you need a new garage door or some component needs repair.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open Or Close

One of the most common reasons homeowners call a garage door repair service is that they either need to get somewhere and their garage door will not open, or they’re coming home for a long day at work and can’t get their garage door open. This is incredibly frustrating, no matter the time of day. Many garage door repair services offer 24-hour emergency repair services, so you should be able to get a technician out to your home soon.

Before you call, check to see if your garage door clicker has fresh batteries and inspect the keypad to ensure that it is in working condition. If it is something as simple as replacing batteries, then that is a quick fix!

Loud Noises

Most overhead garage doors consist of panels that go up and down along a track via springs and rollers. Each of the panels works in harmony so that they all move consistently and together. If you hear any grinding or squeaking sounds, then this may indicate that your rollers are not properly lubricated. Thankfully, you can apply a silicone-based or lithium-based lubricant to the rollers to have them start working again. You can also check for dirt along the tracks or on the rollers. Dirt and debris give the tracks a bumpy ride, but cleaning them out will help with that issue.

If the rollers are worn out, however, they will need to be replaced. You will have to hire professional garage door repair services to have them swapped out for newer rollers. Thankfully, many can respond to local calls within a day.

Likewise, if your garage door is making rattling sounds, then that could indicate that you have some loose nuts, screws, or bolts in your garage door system that need to be tightened.

If you hear popping sounds, then your torsion springs may need lubrication or adjustment. This will require the services of a professional since working with torsion springs is very dangerous.

Movement Issues

As mentioned earlier, garage door components are supposed to move in unison together. When they don’t, that is a clear sign there is something wrong with the garage door. If your garage door moves unevenly or has a shimmy as it opens and closes, then you should call a garage door repair service right away. It is not a DIY job like setting r22 refrigerator temperature. If the track is out of alignment, then this is a serious issue. You can also inspect your garage door to see if there are any gaps between the rollers or bent tracks. These issues should be fixed right away.

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