During the summer days, having the right air conditioning system is necessary for a pleasant working atmosphere. The heat can additionally tire the people in the office which directly influences their productivity and efficiency. Also, offices with a lot of people inside can be a place with consistent dust, coughs, and bacteria, so air conditioners clean the air with their filters and reduce the potential allergies.

Installing the air conditioning system in your office can be a great investment for your workplace. It’s not an easy process to find the perfect fit relevant to the office and you can consider different factors for it.

The type of the air conditioning system

There are different types of air conditioning systems with different intentions and benefits. For example, the central air conditioning system is an energy saver and easy to install. You can choose this type if you have a limited-space office and don’t like strange noises in the background.

Next on the list is a multi-split air conditioning system. This type of cooling system is more economical in comparison with other air conditioning systems and it’s suitable for cooling more offices at once. There is a temperature controlling option which means that you can set different temperatures in different offices individually. Choose it if you have an office building with limited space, but want to save some money too.

A ducted air conditioning system is another item on the list. Ducted air systems are most suitable for cooling an office building with many offices at once. They are easy to install indoors or outdoors and you can easily put them in every unnoticeable space you want. The quiet sounds will not interrupt the working atmosphere while making a pleasant temperature in the room.

Maintenance package offer

Always prefer to ask about the maintenance package from the air conditioning system dealers. Maintenance is the most important part of keeping your air system in good condition, so before you choose one, always take a consultation with HVAC professionals. These are experts specialized in heating, cooling, and indoor air conditioning, usually providing installation, repairs, and maintenance services which means that they won’t have much trouble figuring out if there is anything wrong with your system. This will help you prevent any problems before they blow up.

Check the fan speed

When choosing an air conditioning system for your office, check the cooling fan speed. The best fit would be an air system with different speeds and wide airflow. You can set a higher speed if you want to cool the office faster or set a lower speed to reduce the noises and make a pleasant temperature slowly and unnoticeably.

Calculate the office size and the cooling capacity

Always look for an air conditioning system with a cooling capacity relevant to your office size. Maybe you have an expensive air cooling system for 30m², but it will not cool the same way in the 60m² office. Luckily for you, there are lots of resources online that can help you figure out the size and capacity of your AC unit to properly cool the space that you will be operating from.

Additional sensors

One of the best features your air conditioning system can have is the human sensor. Human sensors, or movement sensors, can detect the human presence in the office and direct the airflow their way. Also, there are sensors for turning your air system into sleep mode when the desired temperature in the office is achieved or when it’s empty. All of this can increase air conditioning efficiency and successfully reduce the heat in the summer period.

Bottom line

To reduce the heat during the summer period, the right air conditioning system is essential for productive working in your office. There are different types of air conditioning systems that fit offices of different sizes and architecture. Don’t use such systems only to cool your office, but to purify the air from dust, bacteria, and other allergens bad for human health. Before you choose one, always take advice from HVAC professionals, and check the unit quality and warranty as well just as you did before getting a water softener. Expensive is not always the best, so choose an air conditioning system that fits your office needs. Want a bonus tip? Check the additional features that come with the unit and the additional equipment to get the most out of your air conditioning system and allow your employees to work in a pleasant environment.

Aiden Anderson

Aiden Anderson earned his Master’s in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Davis, focusing his 20-year career on HVAC innovation and indoor air quality. Since joining our platform as a freelancer in 2020, Aiden provides insights into climate control solutions, eco-friendly technologies, and system optimization. His background includes roles in environmental impact assessment and HVAC system design. His prior roles include engineering positions inmanufacturing and energy consulting. In his leisure time, Aiden enjoys woodworking and volunteering in community energy awareness programs.

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