Desire to optimize your home environment but have no idea who can professionally implement all your wishes? We will show you how to find the right architecture firm!

Whether you want to enlarge a balcony, get advice on color ideas for a kitchen to add a dishwasher, or add a garden area near your house, full renovation or slight remodeling, as a rule, requires lots of planning, money, and often much hesitation that leads to stress. Additionally, the process raises many cases beyond design, such as what modifications are allowed to legally implement in your apartment.

Let’s imagine that you are ready to initiate a home renovation, but before all that staff starts and your Elle Décor dreams come true, you badly need to find the right architecture company to have every design step realized in the best way.

The key goal of architecture companies consists in delivering top-performance design and construction services in-house for their clients to get the homes of their dreams. The most reputable architecture companies partner exclusively with licensed architects and engineers throughout a project so the quality is guaranteed. Right now, you may find architectural design at and get the proof of the above-mentioned. There, architecture firms provide clients with the most innovative solutions, even 3D-printing full houses!

To find the ideal architecture company to improve your home requires starting the selection procedure and conducting some preparatory work. We will support you with how to do that.

We have figured out 4 approaches to find the right architecture company:

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for referrals;
  • Search online on your own;
  • Purchase several popular design magazines to find leads there;
  • Get recommendations from other architectural engineers.

Let’s consider all those ways in more detail.

Talk to the Nearest Surrounding to Get Referrals

Ask your family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors whether they have ever faced home renovation. If the answer is positive, ask them for an architecture company to recommend. Walking along the street and notice the architecture firm’s sign near the house in the modification process? It would be a great option to contact the homeowners to discover how the work is going and whether they would partner with this firm one more time.

The point is that most people don’t understand the intricacies of the design process until they get into it and grasp all the details that the architecture company can help them handle. Receiving feedback from people that have been around the renovation process is considered the most reliable method to find the right firm.

How About Google Search?

Here, you should focus on finding the most popular B2B marketplaces and just post your project there.

The best architecture companies that provide clients with relevant design services will contact you themselves and send collaboration proposals. Your task is to choose the best option.

Another way is to find the list of architecture firms themselves and conduct negotiations.

To be successful, treat the negotiations as if you were choosing a business partner. Excellent communication, especially early on, by both parties will support in creating a powerful work dynamic.

Below, you may find an idea of what to ask the representatives of the architecture company:

  • Can you demonstrate examples of solutions you have already performed in the concept and style I want?
  • What do you usually show clients during the design phase?
  • What kinds of specialists from your company will participate in my solution?

During the interview, be as frank as possible regarding your wishes, dislikes, deadlines, and budget. This is a wonderful option to show images of design styles that you admire.

Find Leads in Design and Architecture Magazines

The modern press market suggests a wide range of home design magazines (as well as their digital analogs) where people can view architects’ projects as well as contact data of architecture specialists.

The following magazines are ideal for those who desire to find architecture firms to improve their homes:

  • Architect

Rich for the most advanced solutions in modern architecture and luxurious home décor, the Architect is the official magazine published by the American Institute of Architects;

  • ARTnews Magazine

A big chapter of every issue tells readers about the latest trends on the design and architecture market as well as the solutions executed by the world-famous architects;

  • Art in America

This comprehensive magazine deals with all existing architecture concepts and styles involving classical as well as contemporary photography, sculpture, painting, and so on.

As soon as you have found out about several potential architecture companies, visit their websites to explore their portfolios and discover their design philosophy.

Ask for Recommendations from Other Architects

In case you have several architects among friends, you are fortunate! They may recommend you visiting a job site of their colleagues that are currently designing someone’s home (many private homes have job signs with the contact info of the architecture company that is designing this very solution). This might be a fruitful option as the architects can tell (and even show if the homeowners won’t mind that) you some details on this project because they consider you as their potential order for the next job.

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