Health and safety are a priority in every workplace. It is especially important on construction sites where safety can be the difference between life and death. Construction workers deal with heavy machinery, huge heights and hazardous substances on a daily basis. They need to be properly trained in how to handle these risks efficiently and safely.

That’s why it’s important to get in contact with land management services specializing in construction site preparation. Ensuring safety throughout the operation is of utmost importance in order to prevent any injuries and safeguard neighboring property, including trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

There are many risks on construction sites

A risk assessment must be done to identify the risks on a construction site. If you own a construction business, you should assess every site before you begin working. Look out for potential dangers on site, such as uneven ground, heights, and machinery. You should draw attention to these areas with signs to make workers aware of the risks around them.

There are a whopping 54,000 non-fatal injuries to workers every year in the UK and 41 annual fatalities in the construction industry. Almost half of these fatalities are due to falling from a height. Everyone site, including visitors, clients, and workers, should be made aware of the current risks and warned of the heights on site.

Millions of days are lost every year

There are 2.2 million lost days of work every year in the UK because of poor weather, delays, collapse, injury, and much more. A risk assessment can drastically reduce the number of lost days you undergo every year. You can identify the risks early on and put measures in place to reduce them.

To keep your workers safe, you need to provide personal protection equipment, like face shields and goggles. PPE can reduce the risk of injury and keep your team safe on site. It is your responsibility to provide high-quality PPE for everyone on site. The exact equipment depends on the project you are working on but generally includes face masks, gloves, steel-capped boots, goggles and hard hats.

There are safety regulations in place

The construction industry has strict health and safety regulations. Health and safety must be taken seriously by everyone on site. You need to train your construction workers on how to behave on-site and handle their own safety. Staff training can greatly improve the safety of your workplace and prevent accidents from occurring.

Every team member should be thoroughly trained at the start of their contract and briefed on the safety regulations in place whether while installing countertops or setting the base. Run frequently health and safety workshops to keep this knowledge fresh in your team’s mind. You do not want standards to slip.

Your team needs to learn how to handle machinery, hazardous substances, and the protocol for working at a height or installing Therma tru doors. Make sure they are given the information needed to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Do not underestimate the importance of health and safety regulations on-site.

Evan Zhang

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