We all know the hassle of finding a new house to move into especially in crowded cities like London. Imagine this scenario: after years of looking for an inviting house with a small and cozy backyard, airy and well lit bedrooms and a fairly spaced garage, you finally found the perfect match! You get excited for the move, so you hire a professional London based moving company to help you clear out your tight apartment and move into your dream house. It will normally take you around one month to feel settled in completely, and just when you do, you notice that there is a burglar in your street that is trying to break into your garage! It is not your typical scenario as it does not happen often, but if you are here today then this has happened to you or to someone you know. But you should not worry, because every problem has a solution. In the case of keeping your garage secure from car thefts, then here are some tips on how you can do it:

Replace the locks

Please use an expert comment from Land of Rugs’ in-house design lead, Zara O’hare:

The first thing you should do, and the first thing that should be done when you move into a new property is to replace the lock. The house has not been in your possession for long and it is impossible to tell who has a spare key for your garage from years past. Replacing the lock and key is the easiest way to prevent break ins. A garage door defender is also a great investment as this prevents the garage door from opening even if someone manages to break the lock. Not only will it make your home feel safer thanks to this additional layer of security, but it will also deter potential burglars.”

Install a security camera

It is so important to feel protected on your property and that is why you should consider hiring professionals to install a security system in your house. You might think it is expensive and indeed it is depending on what system you want. However if you just want a recording camera on the main entrances of the house, then it is manageable. It will save you the unwanted worry by preventing burglars from entering your house and preserving your family’s peace of mind. Additionally, you can access your system no matter where you are which means that you no longer need to worry about what is happening on your property when you are outside of the country.

Install an Alarm

While it might be annoying to you and your neighbors when the alarm goes on, the loud voice it produces will put the burglar on panic mode and you will thus help yourself and everyone by exposing him/her. What is nice about an alarm system as well is the fact that the burglar might not notice it, therefore it will put them on the spot around the furniture when you are being notified of a theft.

These are three common ways, there are off course other obvious ones such as not leaving your car keys in the car under any circumstances, and keeping up with your garage Maintenance. We know it is annoying to play it safe in what is supposed to be your safe zone however, living in the city comes with these consequences. It is good to note that after a while, all these precautions become second nature and you will not notice that you are doing the extra work, on the contrary you will feel more secure and safe since your property and family is protected against thefts.

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