How To Move To Oshawa: A Local’s Tips

Oshawa is a picturesque, relatively small city along Lake Ontario’s shores, approximately 50 miles from Toronto. Nevertheless, It is still within the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Oshawa enjoys the most affordable housing prices in the Greater Toronto Area. This makes it a more reasonably priced choice for anyone that works within Toronto compared to its surrounding neighbors. With such a great offering, it is no wonder that movers in Oshawa have been so busy in recent years.

The cost of living is around 60% less than in the metropolis. In addition to its competitive housing rates, Oshawa is also blessed with the picturesque natural habitat common in southern Ontario. Beautiful parks, beaches on the lake, wooded forests, and more coexist with a modern community with quality infrastructures like top-quality countertops and other luxuries.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Oshawa offers the best of both worlds; the tranquility of the countryside combined with the amenities of an urban area. Below are a few points to keep in mind before you begin moving. Relocation is a difficult and time-consuming job that may also prove complicated and expensive.

Yet this really is not only about finances. It will be really stressful when you do not plan ahead properly. This post will go over the most crucial things to keep in mind before you contact movers in Oshawa. This will assist you as you make your preparations.

The City Is Very Well Connected

The city of Oshawa is known locally as something of a sleeper town amongst regular commuters. The city earned the nickname because of its reliable transport network, low-cost real estate, and excellent educational structure.

Transportation support is absolutely top-notch. Oshawa Executive Airport is a city-owned local airport that serves eastern Toronto with private commercial airlines as well as chartered operations, along with immigration and customs officials. A drive between any of the other municipalities such as Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan. The highly efficient Go Train Service offers a 55-minute commute to and from Toronto. This means that movers in Oshawa will have no trouble transporting your property.

The City Has A Thriving Economy

Oshawa is Canada’s automobile hub, despite not being the country’s largest or most affluent town. That has always been the case. For years, Oshawa had been host to manufacturing companies such as McLaughlin Motor Car Company, General Motors of Canada, and Chevrolet.

Other industries are also thriving. If you’re looking to make a fresh start in Oshawa, you’ll find plenty of job options. With the changing business climate, the services of movers in Oshawa are more needed than ever. That is because the city is keen to emphasize the advantages of new and existing businesses continuing to operate in Oshawa.

Other major employers in Oshawa include;

  • Divisions of the Ontario Ministry of Finance
  • A famous movie-making industry
  • The Major Hospital Lakeridge Health Oshawa
  • Numerous colleges and university campuses, such as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The Port of Oshawa is a key port serving the car and steel sectors, along with the processing of road surface salt plus farming compost.

Do Your Research

When you have now found a new home within Oshawa, you’ll need to find the most appropriate Oshawa moving services that can assist you with the move. And that is where you must use extreme caution. Although consumers can choose from many substantial moving companies to choose from, not every one of them is reliable.

Competent and dependable movers in Oshawa will have certain characteristics. Any reputable and trusted business must be properly licensed. Should you end up coming across a service that lacks any of the above, then should instantly disregard it. One can not rest easy if the company is not authorized as well as registered for the job, or if it lacks financial protection. And then the very last problem you need is more stress in this scenario.

Make Plans In Advance

You will need to make very diligent plans before you start packing in order to accomplish it properly. First and foremost, you must find a house. As had already been mentioned, Oshawa enjoys very good housing prices. In fact, it is recognized as the 9th cheapest city to live in Canada. Find a good real estate agent in Oshawa to assist you with this process. There are many good neighborhoods in Oshawa, they include;

  • Taunton
  • McLaughlin
  • Raglan
  • Pinecrest
  • O’Neill
  • Northglenn
  • Centennial

When bargaining on the purchase of a new house, stay wise but also cautious. Decide on the highest number that would like to commit then stick to this. The movers in Oshawa are also reasonably priced. The good news is that Oshawa real estate prices are far cheaper than those in Toronto. Budgeting takes time, and you must be thorough in your calculations. Nothing will bother you throughout your move towards Oshawa provided you are careful.

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