In a Zero Gravity sleeping position, the body doesn’t feel the gravitational force of the earth. In this process, the body can feel weightless support that helps in repairing and rebuilding the body during sleep.

Many years ago, the position of the Zero Gravity setting for adjustable comfort was calculated by Nasa. The researchers explored ways to alleviate pressure on the bodies of the astronauts during takeoff.

Zero Gravity

In a zero gravitational position, the torso and legs are in a slightly elevated position. The knees of any person would be slightly bent on the bed and also will be kept in level with the chest. In this position, the position of the head of any person sleeping on the adjustable bed would be placed slightly above the heart. This would make your body posture look like V in the bed since the weight is distributed evenly.

When you sleep in zero gravity, your body weight is being distributed among several body parts and thus relaxing the spine by providing less pressure solely on it. Apart from these, there are many other advantages of sleeping on zero-gravity adjustable beds. To know more about the benefits, there are some of them listed below after doing some basic research.

Benefits Of Setting The Adjustable Bed To Zero Gravity

There are many health benefits of sleeping on a zero-gravity adjustable bed. Some of the benefits include better breathing and an increase in proper blood circulation. Some other health benefits of sleeping on a zero-gravity bed are relief from body pain, an increase in deep sleep, etc.

This is well worth the effort and time. Here are some other advantages of sleeping in a zero-gravity bed. Check out:

Less Snoring: Snoring is one habit that embarrasses people in front of their partners. This happens due to obstruction in breathing. While sleeping, the airways are obstructed because of pressure on the trachea or it may also happen due to the position of the tongue. In this situation, it becomes hard for the air to pass through and results in snoring. To deal with this problem, you can try lifting the head to a 30 to 45-degree angle so that it will allow the airways to open and make the saliva flow naturally. When you breathe easily while sleeping then there are lesser chances of snoring.

Lesser Heartburn and Acid Reflux: Another sleep disruption is Acid reflux and the problem of heartburn. Without a Zero-gravity adjustable bed, you might have to face such issues. As we lie flat there is no gravity in the body. This position does not allow gravity to make the food and bile remain in your stomach, And as a result, the fluids reach the esophagus and as a result, you feel a painful burning sensation. When you sleep by keeping your head a bit upward from normal position then your body will help to keep the stomach acid downwards. This will help you sleep properly without any disturbances.

Less Pain in the Neck and the Back: The zero gravity position distributes the body weight evenly. Therefore, there is less pressure on the lower neck and back. This creates a perfect alignment and a good posture which helps in a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in a good posture can help you relieve neck and back pain.

Improvement in the Condition of the Heart: Not only the spine, but the heart also stays fit and healthy while sleeping in a zero-gravity position. This position takes off the pressure from your muscles and makes them more active. This also helps to promote blood flow and allows increased circulations. Anyone suffering from cardiovascular conditions should try this position as it will help to improve the overall health of the heart.

Superior Quality of Sleep: We cannot sleep comfortably until and unless we have a proper sleeping place, comfortable mattress, pillows, etc. Quality sleep can also be obtained from the zero gravity adjustable beds. This helps in increasing comfort, gives weightless feelings, as well as relieving the pressure points. Good and quality sleep helps the body to restore cells and muscles. It also helps in controlling snores. Along with a quality bed and mattress, the hygiene of the bed, the cushions, the duvets, and pillows also matter a lot in providing better sleep. Pillows are essential for having a good sleep. We use pillows not only for the bed but also for hugging. A dirty pillow can cause rashes and allergies to the skin. You must keep your pillows clean. Nowadays, the pillows are machine washable so that you can wash them regularly and maintain hygiene. Machine washing pillows mean there would be not a single speck of dust left on your pillows. You can use them to get better sleep.

Deals with Insomnia

There are millions of people who are suffering from problems like insomnia. This is a condition in which people’s sleep is affected and they get less sleep. Increased stress levels and emotional trauma makes the mind active which makes it impossible to get proper sleep. We cannot say that adjustable beds can reduce insomnia but they will make you more comfortable and also promote deep breathing. This will help you to get a good and quality sleep.

Blood Circulation: A good sleep in a zero-gravity position helps in improving blood circulation. Along with a good blood flow, reduction in swelling of various body parts, promoting healing, and preventing blood clots are some of the benefits that one enjoys.

Features of An Adjustable Bed Frame

The adjustable bed frame is the perfect way to eliminate the majority of your health issues. These beds have multiple features that will make you more comfortable while taking naps. Some other features are:

  • Many adjustable beds have a wireless remote that have built-in massage features. It provides a relaxing vibration to reduce the stress and anxiety level of the body.
  • The adjustable beds with zero gravity are one of the best features that provide so many health benefits. It relieves pressure on the back and makes it ideal for rest and rejuvenation.
  • If you want to sleep with your partner then you can buy a big size bed so that you both can sleep in a proper way in a good zero gravity position.
  • The USB plugs are available for easy charging so that you can easily access the device without any problem.

The Bottom Line

Adjustable beds are one of the best ways to keep your body in proper alignment so that you don’t have to face basic health problems and to additional benefits make sure you have set the right temperature of your air-conditioner. There are so many benefits of using the adjustable bed which people can enjoy. These features increase its importance in the market.

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